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Found 10 results

  1. UnknownSoldier7

    Australian Tech Tree

    AUSTRALIA HAS ENOUGH SHIPS TO HAVE IT’S OWN TECH TREE: I find it weird that a country with an amazing naval history and is literally surrounded by ocean does not have its own proper researchable tech tree in WoWS, I mean fine “The Commonwealth Branch” Is in the Game with Premium Ship HMAS Perth but Australia has way more to offer In the Cruiser And Destroyer side of the game. Plus I’d love to battle with my country’s naval flag waving from a ship like HMAS Sydney (D48) or the aircrafts of HMAS Melbourne in battle.
  2. Tune in tonight from 7:30PM AEDT for the quarter finals stream of The King of the Tasman invitational tournament. The first best of three sees [NAU] face off with [AN-DO] and then at 9:00PM [ASALT] duke it out with [1AN-E] with the winners progressing to the semi final stage. Twitch channel: If you’re an Australian or New Zealand based clan interested in participating in future seasons, go to: https://discord.gg/ywRMR7j With a total prize pool of 45K in steel and over 100K in doubloons you’d be a fool not to enter!
  3. Ninajim

    WoWS AUS Clan

    Hey guys, just an average player here. I'm looking for a decent Australian-Based clan to join, specifically a WoWS-based one. I'm wanting to get better at the game through a connection to better teammates and strategists when it comes to competitive battles. I'm currently at a 50% Win Ratio and in Tier 6. If you want to just chat to me in-game, just add me under the same name of 'Ninajim'. Wanting active clans to participate in. Cheers guys.
  4. So once again the cable between Perth and Singapore is having issues again. which means for us around 150-300ms ping times in-game. Source:http://advisories.internode.on.net/item/16280/ Good luck Aussie players. **EDIT** Also hang out for this next year! https://australiasingaporecable.com/
  5. TheLesserWeevil

    Australia - World of Lagships

    Hey world, As much as I love this game, I am constantly plagued with ping/lag spikes in games, occasionally resulting in me dropping from the server completely. Nothing is more frustrating then lining up that crucial torpedo spread, only to have the game lag for several seconds, after which you have missed your chance and been torped in return. My question is, are other Australians having these issues? Trying to diagnose whether it is the Wargaming servers to blame or my own hopeless ISP. I'll admit that I have been having problems with my ISP recently, but I am not having such severe problems with any other online games.
  6. Hey Guys & Girls, As much as I enjoy World Of Warships I have noticed there is either a Ship Paint or Flag for special occasions, Being a current Serving member of the Australian Defence Force, I'm very passionate about Australia's Battle History and i would like to express our Very Special Day on the 25th of April to all of the WOW Community with either a Paint Scheme for the Ships or a Flag that all Australian & New Zealand Players can show with Pride while they Engage in these Wonderfull Battles. The Moment WOW Advertised the HMAS PERTH I Jumped at the chance to get that ship and what a Machine it is. I Imagine how nice it would be to Fly a Flag that Represented ANZAC Day and or a Paint that Showed Beautifull Art like the New Years Paint. I ask you all if you would like to help me get this into the WOW gameplay for the Special day of the 25th in April and show Our Commonwealths Pride. Some Designs will be needed for both Flags and Pain if you all would like to take a crack and Hopefully the WOW Dev's will accept it and Place it into the Gameplay I hope this will happen as i never see Allot of Commonwealth History shown on games. Regards, Nolan
  7. i was wondering if some people would like to squad up and play together honestly it does not matter if you are Australian just if you can speak English my highest rated ship is tier 4im rank 12 all most 13 add me if you are interested thanks name: C4OnYoorDoor #1
  8. The HMAS Melbourne (R21), laid down on 15 April 1943 and launched on 28 February 1945, before being commissioned by the Royal Australian Navy on 28 October 1955, is the the third and final conventional aircraft carrier in Australian service. She would make a great tier 8 premium aircraft carrier, especially taking into account one of the significant playerbases on the ASIA server. I'm sure plenty of Australians, including myself, would be happy to purchase a ship which represents our nation. In regards to crew training, she can serve to train British captains (once the RN tree is implemented), even though she flies the Australian flag. Think of it as something like the Ram II (Canadian tank) or Type 64 (Taiwanese tank) in WoT. With the WoT development team taking forever for the Sentinel tank to be implemented (currently with no end in sight, even though the unskinned models and icon sprites are already complete since 2012), it's about time Australia gets some limelight.
  9. DeepDark_Fantasy

    slow/laggy server?

    I dont know bout your internet connection with wow, I live in New Zealand with optical fiber (100mbps), however in game the average ping is around 210. It's just frustrating with so much excitement after pre-purchase your ships only see them constantly teleporting in battles if not disconnected just before a kill... maybe an oceanic/australia server is needed? maybe a separate server for a separate continent make sense? or maybe smooth gameplay is just too much to ask...
  10. Hi, Guys i am efficently pleased with the way the alpha is going still to this date wondering why i havent been invited? being a student developer i only to well undestand the meanings of unfinished and not unfinished . that being said i did enjoy the 20+ runs thru the booth i had still dismayed i did not win a prize from the lucky draw over the weekend. I can already tell im gona be a master of destroyer or a great carrier captain as yous know that option was not available in your Alpha demo that you had at pax-aus to my dismay tho what i did see was awesome and the bugs were minimal very well polished but to put it in perspective for those why its not available yet testing in a closed/lan environment is alot diffrent to testing in a online environment anyways my feedback about WoWS at pax is its very polished and would love to come help with the alpha asap but if not excellent work on the very polished close door alpha