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Found 8 results

  1. so i got the problem why i got a small volume on this game even i set the maximum volume on the system and in the game? maybe u can help me with this problem
  2. Fluffykinss

    Audio Feedback of User Music

    to wg this is a good idea to make the music on port and battle can be disable one or maybe set the different volume but i just wanna one more to be this system is more perfectful please make the userMusic too with the different category of the port music and battle music because that's will be great and can burn my spirit when i playing this game and can set my mood when i just wanna relax at port and wanna burn my spirit when i click the battle and join it i hope the developer will notice this
  3. 1.発生した現象:  ゲーム再起動時に戦闘音声の設定が初期化される2.再現手順:  ・"Open ship display panel"から"Arpeggio"にチェックを入れる  ・"SETTIGNS"の"AUDIO"タブの"Voiceover modification"から"Kongo"(または他のARPボイス)を選択する  ・"Open ship display panel"から"Arpeggio"をアンチェックする  ・ゲームを再起動する 3.結果:  "Voiceover modification"の設定が"Standard"に初期化されている 4.期待される結果:  "Voiceover modification"の設定が保存されている5.詳細:  ・"Arpeggio"をチェックしないとARPボイスを選択できない  ・"Arpeggio"をアンチェックしても一度設定したARPボイスはゲーム終了まで保存されている  「本機能が有効化されている場合、蒼き鋼のアルペジオコラボレーションに関するボイスメッセージやエフェクト等が全て有効化されます。」(0.5.16パッチノート)から仕様と言われればその通りでしょう。  一方で「本フィルター機能はアルペジオ艦艇を保有しているプレイヤーのみ選択することができます。」(同パッチノート)からゲーム起動時にフィルタがチェックされていないとアルペジオ艦艇を保有していないと判断して初期化されているようにも見えます。(例えば以前preferences.xmlの"L_SHIFT_KEY"を認識できずに毎回キーコンフィグを初期化していたように)  この振る舞いは0.6.3までに存在したバグを修正した(前者)のか0.6.4にてバグが発生した(後者)のかどちらでしょうか。
  4. McAga

    Audio Format for Own Music

    please make the "Listen to your own music" can play all format file, example: m4a, wma, amr
  5. IlIuminaughti

    Haruna voiceover is missing

    Issue: The voiceover for Haruna's voice is gone. Screenshots: From setting page: Ship: all.Map: all.Occurrences: Everytime.Tested: yes.Severity: Mildly annoying.Details: The bug happened after I tried to change the voiceover from Haruna's to National Voiceover in-battle (i was using a non-ARP ship, but i can't seem to remember exactly what). The voiceover then changed to national and when i got back to the port it was changed to Ocean Port (it was yokosuka before). When I switched back my port to yokosuka and opened the audio setting page, Haruna's voiceover was replaced by something like "IDS_SOUND_MOD_something" and when I choose it I'd get Haguro's voice instead of Haruna's. I've already tried deleting preferences.xml and still no luck. what shouid I do to get haruna's lovely voice back?
  6. Minifirefly

    Modification in background music

    I love this game so much, everything tries to be realistic in game. Therefore I think why do we put some realistic WWII military music in the game. In the past I played NavyField, its BGM is so attractive !!! Why!? They are military music !!! In comparison WoWs now lack good BGMs. Imagine you are listening a morale-promoting music to charge a destroyer to enemy battleship. This would be so great !
  7. anjuls

    No sound

    Issue: No Sound from login to lobby Screenshots: Ship: AnyMap: AnyOccurrences: AlwaysTested: Still occuringSeverity: Playble buy annoying.Details: Fresh install. No sound. Tried moving volume bar as show above.
  8. AndreasK1542

    Audio tearing and eventual cut-out

    Issue: Audio tearing leading to total cut-out of audio and input delay Screenshots: NA, audio issueShip: AnyMap: AnyOccurrences: Every time I play, in the last ~3 weeksTested: Reproduced every timeSeverity: Unplayable, stopped playingDetails: I've started experiencing the same issue as a few other users have reported (http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/6989-sound-tearing-bug-open-beta/) However my issue get progressively worse during gameplay. The audio will be fine at the very start of a match then deteriorate from there to the point where a couple of times my audio has actually cut out all together am i'm playing in silence. I have previously had no issues on the same hardware and believe this has started as the result of a patch. Accompanying the audio tearing is a sudden drop in FPS from 50-75 to <10. I thought the cause may be the onboard audio but I have just purchased an external USB sound card and disabled all other audio devices, with the same result. I have also tried reducing my graphics settings significantly from where they started and initially had no such audio problems My hardware: Lenovo laptop i7 4510U Gefore 840M GPU 16GB RAM SB digital audio premium HD USB sound card Temps of CPU and GPU during gameplay are fine and utilisation is also OK (CPU never hits 100%, GPU occasionally hits 99% but not corresponding to audio tearing). In fact when the framerate drops, the GPU utilisation does too, which seems counter intuitive. This is now severely affecting my ability to play/enjoyment of the game.