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Found 2 results

  1. blauflamme22

    clan brawl times

    So, after finally giving us the option of playing clan battles cross-server so those of us in Australia and New Zealand can actually have the chance to play one clan session a week, WG have decided for clan brawls that's not gonna be an option, they'd rather just give us the middle finger again. To be honest at this point I'm not even that surprised or disappointed. It seems such a regular thing now. So WG are you gonna give us cross server brawls back or have we been written off for good?
  2. Aniket_Sengupta

    System freeze on exit after Win10 AU

    Issue: My system freezes to a response less black screen after exiting World of Warships Screenshots: -/-Ship: -/-Map: -/-Occurrences: everytimeTested: Yes reproduces every time I exit the client in full screenSeverity: The sheer hassle of switching to window mode before exiting World of Warships and subsequent switching to fullscreen before starting a game has taken a toll on my interest to play the game. Details: Game version OS: Windows 10 64bit Anniversary Update installed. This problem of exiting to black screen in fullscreen mode started occurring only after installing the Windows 10 anniversary update prior to which everything ran smoothly. I'm having no issues playing a match. I tried checking game file integrity from the support tab and it keeps downloading two files one sized 1.5MB and another 5.4MB every time I run the integrity check. I tried removing engineconfig and preferences files so the game downloads the default ones. Still no luck fixing this particular issue. I guess the client is not yet compatible with the anniversary update. Hope this issue is fixed as soon as possible.