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Found 17 results

  1. From Twitch and Official Youtube: You already saw the Halloween mode HOWEVER. The Auxiallry guns (aka the Secondary guns) the shell you can choose in the upcoming Halloween is a close test for Secondary Turret Shell Selections SAP AP HE are listed, SAP is new since you can select it as you Auxillaries. ISE and TONE are about to be tested by Supertesters soon! You can check the Hybrids topic in this forum: Furthermore ill just post images from Kancolle: ARP Announcement: Maya: (Others will hate its an Atago copy but who cares, more ships with benefits) Available for Musashi Players only: ARP Yamato [NOTE: THIS SHIP HAS TIER X PREMIUM BENEFITS, UNKNOWNIF ITS POSSIBLE TO BE A CAMPAIGN REWARD] Special Commanders Now with VAs listed (the ones you see in the Anime)
  2. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    No Anime voices after update

    The anime voices aren't working. Even without any mods, after the updates, the anime voices don't work at all.
  3. UPDATED FOR STAGE III. First thing first, make sure you have read this portal article: http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/wows_arpeggio_collab4/ TL;DR MOST IMPORTANT STEP: 1. Make sure you have the Yokosuka Port as your active port. This can be done but clicking on the Anchor button above your mission panel. Pictures: Other things to factors consider: For those of you who completed the Set of 4 missions make sure that: You actually completed the mission. Sometimes you might think you've completed the mission cause the bar looks full just double check to be sure and sometimes it might require an additional match to register. Check that your port carousel isn't hiding it via some filters. CHECK THAT YOU HAVE THE YOKOSUKA PORT ACTIVE. Warning: Missions are available for Account Level 10 and up. ARPEGGIO ships cannot be sold. Currently known Bugs/issues: Stage II | Maybe fixed/no longer relevant. Note: The distribution of rewards for new players has been postponed due to technical difficulties. We will get back to you as soon as we have the details. [uPDATED]
  4. "Foggy YOKOSUKA - Chroma Attenuator MOD for WoWS ARP mode port" This MOD reduces chroma of YOKOSUKA port of WoWS to envelope by fog.It will be relaxing you at that port. ●Download WoWS_Foggy-YOKOSUKA_MOD_05152.zip (25,184,082 bytes / for[]) ●Using Image Please watch this video for details. ●for MOD pack editors _
  5. Hi all (first time making a WOWS forum post), I recently acquired the ARP Takao from the recent mission which I'm thoroughly enjoying, however my lack of Japanese is a bit of a hamperer when listening to the Battle Voice. I know what she (and the other Arpeggio Characters) is broadly saying, however I can tell she's also including references to the ARP Nova Anime/Manga ("Klein Field" is one of them). Does anyone know Japanese, and can provide a translated list of what she says? Considering the scope of the WOWS community, there's bound to be somebody who can translate it for us mono-lingual scrubs. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hey all, I know this has been already posted about and the solution is already known, however I'm submitting this bug report simply to bring it to the attention of the Devs. Kirishima's Battle Voice is played out as Iona's when selected, which is due to the Iona voice files being present in Kirishima's voice folders (rather than her own). To rectify this, you'll have to replace said files with the Kirishima (Yoratoh) battle voice files. If anyone were to bother (as it's easier just to select Yotaroh as Commander instead), it would take an unwarranted time, due to the large number of folders you'd have to go into, copy, back out, and paste in Kirishima's (as the main files are sorted by in-game action/response, rather than by character selected). If the Devs could fix this for the next patch, it'd be greatly appreciated. If moderators wish to lock this thread, they are free to do so.
  7. Hi all, I recently acquired the ARP Takao from the recent mission which I'm thoroughly enjoying, however my lack of Japanese is a bit of a hamperer when listening to the Battle Voice. I know what she (and the other Arpeggio Characters) is broadly saying, however I can tell she's also including references to the ARP Nova Anime/Manga ("Klein Field" is one of them). Can anyone provide a translated list of what they say? Considering the scope of the WOWS community, there's bound to be somebody who can translate it for us mono-lingual scrubs. Many thanks in advance. (I know that this isn't the correct language to post in the Japanese subforums, however it was recommended to me that I post something here following this thread I created earlier today. I will happily comply with Moderators if they request this thread be removed).
  8. Okay, so for some reason after the 0.5.10 update I can't see any ARP ships. For example, I know my friend is using ARP Haruna but in game it only shows as Kongou. For me, in-game it looks like the normal Kongou but for my friend he said it was glowing. I tried to do a Game Check but it just downloads something like a 1.5mb update then game checks again then it downloads another update which is 5.5mb. Now after that I tried playing but they are still the same Kongou, not the ARP ships. I tried to do a game check again, and there again it happens, 1.5mb download, Game Check, 5.5mb download, Finish, Start game, Still no ARP skins. I tried to game check, update, check, update, and after it finishes updating with the Play button clickable I went and Game checked it again this time it just repeats itself with downloading the 1.5mb and the 5.5mb updates :v Halp pls iz annoying not able to distinguish ARP ships from normal ships
  9. So umm this new event for WGs 18th anniversary where they released Iona and Kirishima commanders for free I really was wanting this to happen. However I noticed that Iona has a tag on her saying "Specialization XI ARP I-401 Submarine" and as much as it may make me look stupid its worth asking is this a hint that Submarines are going to be released in the future? And if so would that mean considering a tier XI line up of ships for all nations? Say for example how we have the German battleships coming soon most of which are just renderings of documents found in historical evidence, so if tier XI ships were released would that mean WG would have to consider ships like submarines and the Design A 150 Super Yamato battleship? It sounds like way too much to even be making this post but its a true question is the specialization tag that was given to commander Iona a hint to what might be coming out in the future? PS. sorry if my grammar and spelling is bad.

    Klein Field perk for ARP ships

  11. I've noticed a lot of people just don't know where to find the Arpeggio ships once they've unlocked them. Here's a simple guide on how to access them, how to remove the voices and how to hide all Arpeggio content.
  12. currently doing my first ARP quest. HURRAY for free premium ship i finish the stage one of kirishima and haguro quest. after returning to the port, a message said that i receive an ARP ship. i check my dock but i can't find it. have i mistaken? do i need to finish all of the 4 stages to get kirihsima?
  13. AoiNoKuroNeko


    If i've missed this event ship (failed to get it), do i have any other chance, choice, way to get it? ._.
  14. Satsujinkii

    Event Rewards

    Hi i am just a newbie and I just want to ask something. It says on the event page that for new players who logged after Feb.29 (I registered and log already 1st week of march) the only condition to get the ARP Kirishima and Iona is to research any tier 5 ship. I managed to research tier 5 ship (Furutaka) so I am expecting I complied with the conditions. If so, when would be the insertion of rewards? Or do I need to do something? Since i dont see any ingame missions refering to it. I wonder if I am understanding it right?
  15. I've already researched a Tier V ship but I haven't received the rewards for the Newcomer Campaign. Did I do something wrong or am I not eligible for the rewards? Edit: I'm also on the Yokosuka port if you wondering.
  16. Gezei

    ARP Ships

    I'm a late starter for this ARP event (didn't play for nearly half a year or so). Right now I'm seeing those ARP ships running around and might get one for myself. However, are there anything about those ARP ships different from regular ones? (aside visuals), like premium status or something?
  17. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Some Arpeggio Mod

    Hello guys!!! My friend suggested me to make more arpeggio art since he's too excited for the Arpeggio mode (I'm too lazy but hey, it's Christmas so at least a present for him and to other players too) !!Warning!! Before modding or whatever you call it, be sure to have a back up for the files that needs to be replace (don't wanna mess the game texture right?) here we can see Kongou being damaged and there's some hexagon grids that shows that she'd damaged so we're gonna try to replicate that and you can choose a color you want this are the screen shots of the mod: this hexagons only shows when your ships was damage so when you haven't taken hits then it won't show up you can download in here. MF link Here. It's basically the same with this Klein Field mod I made from beta. How to apply? Just open the body folder and choose you color then put the crash.dds in World_of_Warships\res\content\gameplay\common\textures. the penetration folder is the a texture of ships that has been pentrated by AP shells. when the ships is holed, you can see inside the hull and the texture is blinking and glow a little. (see the third screenshot) open the folder of which color you like then put all files in World_of_Warships\res\dyndecals REMEMBER TO BACK UP THE ORIGINAL FILES BEFORE REPLACING IF SHIP HAPPENS!!! BTW Merry Christmas and fair seas!