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Found 44 results

  1. Ryuuoh_DeltaPlus

    ARP Ships Now in Premium Store!

    I just checked the premium shop this morning, and behold, the ARP Ships has arrived! https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/ They're selling the entire bundle with all 9 ARP ships , and individual bundles of the 9 ARP ships. They're also selling individual Iona and Gunzou captains. It would seem that Kirishima (Yotaro) is exclusive for all the older players as she's not included in any of the bundles.
  2. In the new patch we can't find a HSF and ARP voiceover option, similar bug also happened back in July update but this time we don't even have it in voiceover option. I bought it because I enjoy the anime content it offers, please fix this as soon as possible.
  3. fighter9374

    Voice Packs dumpstered again

    So looks like 0.6.13 caused the voice packs for ARP and HSF ships to stop working. Again.............
  4. In the new patch the HSF and ARP Voiceover mod can't work rightly. Please fix it. After all, U can use HSF voiceover mod only by buying premium ship, in other words, we could say, we PAY to use the HSF voiceover mod.
  5. UPDATED FOR STAGE III. First thing first, make sure you have read this portal article: http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/wows_arpeggio_collab4/ TL;DR MOST IMPORTANT STEP: 1. Make sure you have the Yokosuka Port as your active port. This can be done but clicking on the Anchor button above your mission panel. Pictures: Other things to factors consider: For those of you who completed the Set of 4 missions make sure that: You actually completed the mission. Sometimes you might think you've completed the mission cause the bar looks full just double check to be sure and sometimes it might require an additional match to register. Check that your port carousel isn't hiding it via some filters. CHECK THAT YOU HAVE THE YOKOSUKA PORT ACTIVE. Warning: Missions are available for Account Level 10 and up. ARPEGGIO ships cannot be sold. Currently known Bugs/issues: Stage II | Maybe fixed/no longer relevant. Note: The distribution of rewards for new players has been postponed due to technical difficulties. We will get back to you as soon as we have the details. [uPDATED]
  6. 1.発生した現象:  ゲーム再起動時に戦闘音声の設定が初期化される2.再現手順:  ・"Open ship display panel"から"Arpeggio"にチェックを入れる  ・"SETTIGNS"の"AUDIO"タブの"Voiceover modification"から"Kongo"(または他のARPボイス)を選択する  ・"Open ship display panel"から"Arpeggio"をアンチェックする  ・ゲームを再起動する 3.結果:  "Voiceover modification"の設定が"Standard"に初期化されている 4.期待される結果:  "Voiceover modification"の設定が保存されている5.詳細:  ・"Arpeggio"をチェックしないとARPボイスを選択できない  ・"Arpeggio"をアンチェックしても一度設定したARPボイスはゲーム終了まで保存されている  「本機能が有効化されている場合、蒼き鋼のアルペジオコラボレーションに関するボイスメッセージやエフェクト等が全て有効化されます。」(0.5.16パッチノート)から仕様と言われればその通りでしょう。  一方で「本フィルター機能はアルペジオ艦艇を保有しているプレイヤーのみ選択することができます。」(同パッチノート)からゲーム起動時にフィルタがチェックされていないとアルペジオ艦艇を保有していないと判断して初期化されているようにも見えます。(例えば以前preferences.xmlの"L_SHIFT_KEY"を認識できずに毎回キーコンフィグを初期化していたように)  この振る舞いは0.6.3までに存在したバグを修正した(前者)のか0.6.4にてバグが発生した(後者)のかどちらでしょうか。
  7. CharlesJoker

    About ARP ships

    Hi everyone, It is really a pity that I missed the ARP missions to get the ships, is there any possibility that I will have the chance to complete the missions again for the ships :<?
  8. #side note# i played ARP ships (which is same to Kongo characteristic) and found out that the update gave significant impact on BB play style. currently at T5 BB's line and I'm not planing to go deeper through the BB line. #question# What is the "best or better" modules and commander skills are recommended for Kongo after 0.6.0 updates?
  9. "Foggy YOKOSUKA - Chroma Attenuator MOD for WoWS ARP mode port" This MOD reduces chroma of YOKOSUKA port of WoWS to envelope by fog.It will be relaxing you at that port. ●Download WoWS_Foggy-YOKOSUKA_MOD_05152.zip (25,184,082 bytes / for[]) ●Using Image Please watch this video for details. ●for MOD pack editors _
  10. Hi everyone. I'm wondering if I should use Kirishima or Kirishima (Yotaroh) as commander for ARP Kirishima? I noticed that Yotaroh has specialization for ARP Kirishima while Kirishima does not. Does it make any difference for using a commander with specialization in that ship? Can I use the ship outside the Japanese port? I understand that the ARPs are only available in Japanese port but I love the music of the Philippines port Anyone know what can I do? Thank you.
  11. Hi all (first time making a WOWS forum post), I recently acquired the ARP Takao from the recent mission which I'm thoroughly enjoying, however my lack of Japanese is a bit of a hamperer when listening to the Battle Voice. I know what she (and the other Arpeggio Characters) is broadly saying, however I can tell she's also including references to the ARP Nova Anime/Manga ("Klein Field" is one of them). Does anyone know Japanese, and can provide a translated list of what she says? Considering the scope of the WOWS community, there's bound to be somebody who can translate it for us mono-lingual scrubs. Many thanks in advance.
  12. Hey all, I know this has been already posted about and the solution is already known, however I'm submitting this bug report simply to bring it to the attention of the Devs. Kirishima's Battle Voice is played out as Iona's when selected, which is due to the Iona voice files being present in Kirishima's voice folders (rather than her own). To rectify this, you'll have to replace said files with the Kirishima (Yoratoh) battle voice files. If anyone were to bother (as it's easier just to select Yotaroh as Commander instead), it would take an unwarranted time, due to the large number of folders you'd have to go into, copy, back out, and paste in Kirishima's (as the main files are sorted by in-game action/response, rather than by character selected). If the Devs could fix this for the next patch, it'd be greatly appreciated. If moderators wish to lock this thread, they are free to do so.
  13. Hi all, I recently acquired the ARP Takao from the recent mission which I'm thoroughly enjoying, however my lack of Japanese is a bit of a hamperer when listening to the Battle Voice. I know what she (and the other Arpeggio Characters) is broadly saying, however I can tell she's also including references to the ARP Nova Anime/Manga ("Klein Field" is one of them). Can anyone provide a translated list of what they say? Considering the scope of the WOWS community, there's bound to be somebody who can translate it for us mono-lingual scrubs. Many thanks in advance. (I know that this isn't the correct language to post in the Japanese subforums, however it was recommended to me that I post something here following this thread I created earlier today. I will happily comply with Moderators if they request this thread be removed).
  14. anonym_RJqYIlk6fl74

    Useless ARP boats.

    Can WOWS allow us to sell the ARP boats ? I have lot of them and all are replicate of Kongo and Myoko. The captains are hogging the reserve lot and we only use 1 ship of each category since the rest are replicas.
  15. Alpha_Ovum

    ARP Kitakami when?

    I know this may seem bullshit, But wargaming,People like Kitakami, She's wanted, many of us need her, please listen to this, I hope for you to listen, I think Kitakami is a good ship to add in, and I don't ask for a whole new ship, Just an ARP reward like Takao Please Wargaming, Let us have Kitakami. Please respond Best regards Alpha_Ovum
  16. Hi, Request the ARP ship names be listed correctly in the team list, even if the other players are not using the Yokosuka port. The ships are currently listed as the base ship ie. MYOKO instead of ARP Nachi. I'm not asking for the ship livery to necessarily be used, just correctly identify the ship being played in the team lists etc. Also helps understand why the ship may not have cammo on as it's an ARP variant.
  17. karrablaster123

    ARP Takao skills

    I am leaning towards: BoS, Last Stand/TAE, SuperIntendent, DE, CE. Is this good?
  18. 先ほどティア6の青葉にて的の「防郭」を2回抜いたにもかかわらず、その分がカウントされず1/10のままになっています。 ステージ 1の条件にティア6以上とありますがティア6は含まれないのでしょうか。 先頭終了時の戦闘結果表示において「RP Nachi チャレンジ (ステージ 1)」の表示が出ていましたが2回分が加算されていませんでした。 よろしくお願い致します。
  19. Razide

    ARP Bots for Co-Op games.

    If you select Yokosuka Port then the bots could be ARPified ships and yell out threats and taunts in ARP mental model voices.
  20. Loshirai14

    ARP Ships Special Effects

    I was thinking for some ideas that will make the ARP Ships feel unique without giving them buffs. - Klein Field Effect when the "Repair Party" consumable is active. - Klein Field Effect on the first Half of the ship's Health. - Make torpedoes launch upwards then dive into the water when it reaches near the activation range. - Give ARP Nachi's Hydroacoustic search have the same effect as the one on the anime when she activated her long range sonar. I'm sure WG will not implement any of these since it would take a lot of work and they would not give ultra unique ships for free. But if there's any dedicated modders out there, i hope you could try doing these
  21. as the title say, i been stuck on stage 4 for 3 days now. Damage counter is stuck at 12653/50000. I have done over 250k damage now with different ships as required that is over tier6. Started the mission from port or by clicking on the challenge but nothing. Please help
  22. Okay, so for some reason after the 0.5.10 update I can't see any ARP ships. For example, I know my friend is using ARP Haruna but in game it only shows as Kongou. For me, in-game it looks like the normal Kongou but for my friend he said it was glowing. I tried to do a Game Check but it just downloads something like a 1.5mb update then game checks again then it downloads another update which is 5.5mb. Now after that I tried playing but they are still the same Kongou, not the ARP ships. I tried to do a game check again, and there again it happens, 1.5mb download, Game Check, 5.5mb download, Finish, Start game, Still no ARP skins. I tried to game check, update, check, update, and after it finishes updating with the Play button clickable I went and Game checked it again this time it just repeats itself with downloading the 1.5mb and the 5.5mb updates :v Halp pls iz annoying not able to distinguish ARP ships from normal ships
  23. イオナがあるなら千早艦長とかも出してもいいんじゃないかなと戦艦無くてもヒュウガやマヤも出してほしイイ
  24. Storm_Raiser

    Question about ARP ships

    Just wondering if the ARP ships earn free XP at the same rate as normal premium ships? ... I still haven't found a use for the stupid things and rarely play them since I can't understand a word the captains say.
  25. biq27

    Weaboo challenges

    ... Have wrecked play. I understand some players are better than others but there are clearly people out there shooting only certain targets because of these challenges. Why would WG not make it just damage to 'whoever the hell you want'? Rather than CA, DD, BB, CV specific stuff. I had two CVs come to an agreement to nuke each other so the would fulfil their goals (alas no screenshots) This has annoyed me so much recently - but at least these players in the attached screenshots had the honesty to say what they were doing, I don't want to play WoWs for weaboo stuff nor do I begrudge people that do - just please make sure challenges for horrible looking ships don't get in the way of enjoyable play. These games are ass - I don't feel like people are playing to best of ability so don't want to play. /endrant [content removed] Naming and shaming. Post edited, user warned. ~amade