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Found 3 results

  1. If you buy the Black Massachusetts ( I got mine through the Armory) it comes with a combat mission that gives you 2500 gold on completion. However, you can only complete the mission in the non-black, or standard Massa! you know - the one you didn't buy. I thought this must be a mistake and lodged a support ticket only to be told this correct. Another great example of customer relations! Buy a ship and get a mission you cannot complete!
  2. In the Armoury the description of the Smoke Generator Mod 1 says; "Smoke Screen Dispersion Time : -5%, Action Time of the Consumable:+30%" There is no mention in the Armoury that the upgrade does not work with the Italian Exhaust Smoke consumable - you only get to discover that AFTER you have paid 14,000 coal and purchased the upgrade! I of course read the description in the Armoury and purchased one for my Amalfi and then wondered why I could not mount it on the ship. I will raise a ticket requesting a refund but the description in the Armoury needs to updated to include the exception that the upgrade is incompatible with Italian ships.
  3. PanJin21

    Armoury ships worth it?

    I have about 40k coal lying around and I wonder if any of the ships offered with coal are worth it other than the tier 9 and 10 ships. I know that Aigle isn't that good and I don't have a good opinion of Oktober Revolution either so I guess I am stuck with mining coal until something changes in the armoury. If you asked me, I would like it if they changed the mid and low tier premiums every 6 months. I would like Exeter and Gallant to be available for coal.