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Found 6 results

  1. SgtSullyNZ

    Tier IX USS Vallejo

    at 22,000 steel this is a steal. Or is it? The game will not let me purchase the ship, did Weegee make a mistake? Should it be much more Steel? I have raised a Ticket, just wondering if anyone else has a similar issue? I believe I have seen a couple in Coop matches, but unsure if they are Super Testers etc. Will try again after rebooting client
  2. Storm_Khan

    What steel ship to get?

    OK, getting close to coupon refresh time again in a couple of weeks. Saved enough to get any of the steel ships currently on offer using the coupon. Which one to get? Advice being sought. Only one I'm not thinking of getting is FDR since I'm not a big CV player. Which would you get and why?
  3. I'm aware none of the Dockyard event's warship have been made available again; but what are everyone's thought on Odin? How long do you guys think WarGaming would take to get her back in the Armoury/Premium shop? For Odin's user out there, how does Odin perform after the commander rework, and what differentiate her from Scharnhorst and Pommern? (ignoring disparity caused by Tiers)
  4. Why i can't open armory & premium shop ?? Everytime i try to open, always blank page
  5. JollySam

    Premium Ships and the Armory

    Hello everyone, I see that ships in the armory have discounts when using one of the 'ships for doubloons' coupons. However, the ship I am interested in (the Ark Royal) isn't in there, at least not yet. My question is, how long does it usually take for a premium ship to appear in the armory? Is there even a guarantee that it will appear there at all? Thanks a lot, and Happy Christmas!