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Found 9 results

  1. While in port the Azuma has no ship stats visable. And the armor is so weak the harrigumo can pen it with HE every shot.
  2. coldsteelfury

    Soviet Cruiser T9 Kronshtadt

    I just played a game with my T8 T7 Myoko and encountered the premium Soviet T9 cruiser Kronshtadt. I can't believe what just happened. I shot this ship multiple times broadside with 203mm AP shells. Distances varied from 14km right down to 10km. My shells either shattered or ricocheted. A small percentage of shells did normal penetration damage. No citadels. The enemy Kronshtadt made zero attempt to angle itself and happily shredded my full health highly angled Myoko with impunity, it's AP shells ripping right through my Myoko (even when angled at less than 30 degrees). IJN CA's are meant to have the biggest guns in the game in so far as cruisers are concerned. It is utterly ridiculous that a Myoko can rain AP hell upon a lazy broadside cruiser several times (and that's the keyword I'd like to emphasise: cruiser) and do absolutely bugger all damage. Most shells couldn't even do normal pen damage, the armor on a perfect broadside was so thick that the 203mm AP mostly shattered or bounced. Crazy! If WG want the Kronshtadt to be impervious to AP fire from other cruisers, then WG should classify Kronshtadt as a battleship (just like other battlecruisers like in the IJN BB tech tree). What an absolute cheat ship. Being outplayed is one thing, but false representations is another. Having a so-called cruiser show perfect broadside at close/medium range and multiple times shrug off virtually all damage from heavy 203mm AP cruiser guns is beyond belief. Now I have to memorise that Kronshtadt is not a cruiser but a battleship in disguise that cannot be citadelled when broadside. It's ridiculous. We're not talking T10 Yamato here, we're talking about an alleged cruiser in the same tier bracket as my Myoko. The German Graf Spee is a "pocket battleship" cruiser which has a half cruiser and half battleship personality, but it will take citadel damage if the captain presents a broadside. But I guess because the Graf Spee is German that's the difference. WG loves to create these Soviet vessels with magical powers. We get it guys. You're patriotic. But calling the Kronshtadt a cruiser is a sick joke. Honestly I'd love to have a cruiser which can rip through heavily angled targets with its guns and cannot be penetrated broadside by other cruisers no matter how stupid I am. It must take a "tremendous" amount of skill to pilot a cruiser with magical powers like that. Talk about a troll ship. /rant
  3. In a close range N. Mex. vs. N. Mex fight, where's the best place to aim your shells? (assuming a near-broadside target) N. Mex. armor layout is a very low citadel with a very thick armor belt directly above it, then the four heavily armored barbettes under each turret. Can the 14" shells penetrate through the belt armor into the citadel, or does one have to aim under the waterline? It going for the turret magazines a better strategy? I ask because despite being in a good position and landing plenty of shells amidships, I still could not do enough damage to finish off the enemy N. Mex before he got me. It was a close thing, but he in got the killing volley.
  4. I happened to look into the Arizona's model and I found out that the forward citadel athwartship has been sticking out irregularly from the rest of the citadel itself. As you can see above, there is a little red citadel triangle sticking out from the citadel. The frontal view; the upper piece of the citadel should have been trimmed to the citadel slope, but is currently not. This might explain weird citadels I get from her.
  5. The Des Moines also has the lowest range out of all T10 heavy cruisers, and its shell tracery has always made it better in close quarters. But getting up close gives you even less time to avoid incoming fire, and completely avoiding battleship shells is practically the only possible way for a Des Moines to neglect damage, while other heavy cruisers can angle and bounce instead. Look at the armor screenshots I have attached below, the Des Moines has the worse overall armor amongst all heavy cruisers (Minotaur is not included, but it has great concealment, a smoke screen and very powerful Repair Party Consumable and it is a light cruiser) The Zao has an extra layer protecting the citadel (although 25mm), also forming a slight turtleback, just like the Hindenburg. Their citadels are lower in the water and not as wide as the Des Moines Please, World Of Warships development team, consider giving Des Moines better armor Thanks for reading, good luck on the high seas
  6. I am currently fiddling my hands on a few cruiser line and just wonder which cruisers are the best protected ( least likely to eat lol cit pen straight on the face and maybe bounce AP shells here or there ). I know that RN ships CL will not be on the list though ( screw you Emerald - Danae ). I mean last day i saw a New Orleans die while being near bow on to a Yammy ( hes evading shell actively) in one lol cit pen salvo. I AM SCARED to go higher tiers , right now even in tier 6-7 i can sometimes citadel pen a CA turning toward or away from me if RNG likes it in a BB. So the question is which CA line survive AP fire the best - i want to grind that line 1st to get a feel of the firepower difference ( i mostly play cv and dd so no idea). Any advice are welcome , thank you for your time
  7. Aniket_Sengupta

    Admiral Hipper Stats

    The Admiral Hipper is undoubtedly among the best Tier VIII cruisers out there. Historically its the most advanced cruiser built by the Kriegsmarine. Yet the in-game variant falls short in two important areas - 1) Deck armor 2) Firing range Deck armor: Historically the deck armor of the actual ship was supposed to vary from 20-50mm. In game, the value is 25-30mm, one reason it gets easily penned from long range salvos and hard to pen up close. Now although designated as a heavy cruiser, even with its historic armor figures it falls short to that of light cruisers Chapayev and Kutuzov(same class). So what kind of balancing logic made the Hipper come with a weaker deck ? Firing range: The Admiral Hipper's main battery firing range was only 3km short(33.5km) to that of the Bismarck(36.5km). Now owing to the size of the maps and game mechanics these figures have been shrunk considerably. By the ratio most ship's range has been shrunk(Bismarck/Tirpitz to 21.4km, New Orleans to 16.2km from 27.4km), Hipper's range would round up to 19.5km which would be insanely OP for any tier 8 or even tier 9 cruiser but then again you find the Kutuzov with 19.1km firing range which suggests the 17.7km range on the Hipper as another considerable set back. Honestly I don't think 5% buff to its firing range(makes it 18.5) can hurt much considering you already get a Kongo with over 21km range and that too in tier 5.
  8. Quick question, I know that we can look up the armor of the ships, and we are given the info on over matching (hit ship with shell that can pen over 14.3 times the armor amount), but no where that I have seen states the penetration value of the ships guns. Now I was playing with someone I know that is a super tester in the game and he stated that in this game the guns penetration is based off of the caliber of the gun (diameter of the shells). It makes since and explains why the Warspite, and the Yamato are able to over match in their tier, but at the same time I'm praying that WG were not this simple minded to base the guns penetration amount off of just the caliber. So is this true, is the penetration of the guns in this game based off of the caliber size?
  9. swap1997

    iowa armor scheme

    Hello guys, I hd discussed dis previously in d developers section in d suggestion page abt d error in iowa class battleships armor scheme where it says d armor ranges frm 1-287 mm whereas it shud hv been atleast 1-310 mm according to real time data frm two authors books (Garzke nd Dulin , Norman Friedman). Also d wikipedia has also d same info abt armor as 310mm max. So cn anyone help whethervits going to b rectified or it will stay as it is. Plz note dat i dint gt any adequate response so am reposting it.