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Found 3 results

  1. admiral_tee

    Arkansas Beta buff 0.6.13

    Hey, In the patch notes, it mentions that Arkansas Beta gets a small buff: Arkansas Beta: the firing range of the secondary battery was increased from 3.5 to 4.5 km, the guns accuracy was also significantly increased. These values will improve the ship's performance in close combat. At these low levels, going for a secondary build is often not worth it, thanks to the Tier 7 cut off for decent manual aiming of secondary weapons. Has anyone with this ship tried this secondary build for s&g? If so, any commentary? Also, how much was the accuracy buff, as in what were the values and what are they now? Tee
  2. If you are driving Arkansas Beta(and maybe Stock Wyoming) recently(After patch 5.0.1) you may found that it have been nerfed (again). You will found the firing arc of the 4th turret have been reduced quite a lot; basically, you now unable to fire your 4th turret to ant thing that is around the rear(port and starboard, not directly rear) of the ship. And it's possibly because of this change in Patch 5.0.1: "Redesigned the system of turrets turning on all ships. Now Main Caliber guns that meet an obstacle while turning, automatically raise (if technically possible)." And there's a lifeboat on both port and starboard between 4th and 5th turret. While dev team knew this may create a 7km blind spot on the second turret of Negato, they forgot to notice that this will nerf near half of the firing arc of the 4th turret of Arkansas BECAUSE OF THAT FREAKING LIFEBOAT . I don't know it is intentional or bug. If it is a bug, please fix it. If this is intentional, I DEMAND A REASON!!!!
  3. I recently went back into World of Warships and i decided to use my ARKANSAS Beta for Credit farming and mucking around, then soon as i began i got called a "Pay to Win [Redacted]"? Ehh, so did he mean that my ship was pay to win or cause i bought the closed beta key? Side note:Found out that the Beta ship was a gift for 49+ matches but still what??? Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda