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Found 14 results

  1. Hello guys , I need your inputs on this . Where do you aim for hitting citadels that are located below waterlines ? Whats the best to do aim below waterline or aim at superstructure to make shell penetrate from above I however doubt this one . Thank you in advance
  2. coldsteelfury

    How To Play Akizuki

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice on how to play the Akizuki. From my brief experience the Akizuki sucks and is over rated. I accept I may be doing something wrong and need to improve, but there are quirks to this ship which defy rational explanation. It's not the dps monster people make it out to be. I've been in matches where I have rained 200 - 400 shells onto enemy ships and am lucky if I do 20K - 30K damage. I am literally raining shells on enemy BBs and they completely ignore me. Why waste their time swatting an annoying mosquito that barely harms you? And the most annoying part.... after spending the entire match raining 300 shells on enemy ships, I'm lucky if I'm barely able to cover my service costs. This ship literally has sent me broke. I don't yet have IFHE and I understand that's a step up but my concerns are this. What magical DPS effect is IFHE going to have when: AP shells mostly bounce anyway and do bugger all damage (and according to most expert players, you're meant to be using AP and not simply HE spamming) HE shells shatter. I get it IFHE will reduce the shatter rate and help with starting fires which is a great damage boost.... but it hardly transforms the ship into this insane killing machine. There are people out there who swear AP is better than IFHE HE shells anyway, so IFHE can't be this skill which transforms my 300 shells per match from nothing into the literal hand of death smiting all it touches. Akizuki is not a heavy hitter. It appears to kill by using sustained fire to wear opponents down. In my experience sustained AP fire does very little. How are people doing the massive damage I hear about? It can't be IFHE because that only really helps with fires and players seem to insist you need to use both AP and HE. The AP is borderline useless. Even to kill other DDs, you need to keep shooting them up. Akizuki will never one shot anything, so killing enemy DDs when capping is suicidal because their friends will normally half kill you unless you take evasive action shortly after firing (and most of your shells bounce anyway). So killing other DDs is tricky unless you completely surprise them from the other side of an island and they're unable to angle away from you and cause your shells to bounce. And forget chasing them as you're too slow. And as for killing anything else, it's borderline hopeless unless they're dumb enough to run into your torps. Come on guys. What's the secret. I mean I've seen videos where people swear the AP is better than HE with IFHE, so it can't be just IFHE. 400 shells on BBs which are moving and presenting different angles but doing bugger all damage..... you can't fake that. It doesn't matter if someone is a unicum, their trigger finger isn't any better than mine or make the shells behave any differently. What am I missing here? Why does the damage output suck so hard to be almost non existent? I feel like I've got a rapid firing machine gun which shoots cotton balls.
  3. Hello Everyone, I've had some extra time on my hands today, (really bad ping) so I decided to do some math on something that I've been hearing from some DD Captains about BB AP on their ships. I thought they were complaining that AP Overpens were more damaging than HE pens. I have since learned that this is not the case, but that they are complaining of the pen/overpen mechanic that they are subject too. 1) They show broadside, BB overpen and do 1k damage, CL/CA kill them in 1 or 2 salvos because broadside. Makes sense, you show broadside, you get punished. 2) They angle to not die from CL/CA/DD, they get hammered from AP pen from BB. Wait, this makes no darn sense. Correct play gets you killed? (Maybe why people in T10 still don't angle cause they learned angling in DD?) 2 ways that you get hammered in the ship? Not fair. Now, why do BBs only shoot AP? Bad/lazy play? Forgot what the 1 key is? Or is it something in the game mechanics? Ship HE AP Pen HE Overpen AP Japan Kawachi 5,100 8,100 1683 1012.5 Myogi 5,700 10,000 1881 1250 Ishizuchi 5,200 8,000 1716 1000 Kongo 5,700 10,200 1881 1275 Fuso 5,700 10,200 1881 1275 Mutsu 6,500 12,400 2145 1550 Nagato 6,500 12,600 2145 1575 Amagi 6,500 12,600 2145 1575 Kii 6,500 12,600 2145 1575 Izumo 6,500 12,900 2145 1612.5 Yamato 7,300 14,800 2409 1850 USA South Carolina 4,100 8,100 1353 1012.5 Wyoming 4,200 8,300 1386 1037.5 Arkansas Beta 4,200 8,300 1386 1037.5 New York 5,000 10,300 1650 1287.5 Texas 5,000 10,300 1650 1287.5 New Mexico 5,000 10,500 1650 1312.5 Arizona 5,000 10,300 1650 1287.5 Colorado 5,700 12,400 1881 1550 North Carolina 5,700 13,100 1881 1637.5 Alabama 5,700 13,100 1881 1637.5 Iowa 5,700 13,500 1881 1687.5 Missouri 5,700 13,500 1881 1687.5 Montana 5,700 13,500 1881 1687.5 Germany Nassau 3,200 7,200 1056 900 Konig Albert 3,400 8,300 1122 1037.5 Kaiser 3,500 8,400 1155 1050 Konig 3,500 8,400 1155 1050 Bayern 4,500 10,900 1485 1362.5 Gneisenau 4,400 11,600 1452 1450 Scharnhorst 3,200 7,600 1056 950 Tirpitz 4,400 11,600 1452 1450 Bismarck 4,400 11,600 1452 1450 Friedrich der Große 5,000 13,500 1650 1687.5 Großer Kurfürst 5,000 13,500 1650 1687.5 Russian Imperator Nikolai I 4,500 8,600 1485 1075 Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya 4,500 8,600 1485 1075 UK Bellerophon 5,200 8,100 1716 1012.5 Orion 5,900 9,500 1947 1187.5 Iron Duke 5,900 9,900 1947 1237.5 Warspite 5,300 11,400 1749 1425 Queen Elizabeth 6,300 11,400 2079 1425 King George V 6,100 10,500 2013 1312.5 Hood 5,300 11,400 1749 1425 Nelson 6,900 12,000 2277 1500 Monarch 6,300 11,900 2079 1487.5 Lion 7,200 13,000 2376 1625 Conqueror 8,200 14,900 2706 1862.5 Italy Giulio Cesare 4,800 9,700 1584 1212.5 France Dunkerque 4,800 9,700 1584 1212.5 My theory is, it's the game mechanics. As you can see, with the exception of the Brits. Starting in either Tier 6 or Tier 7, you are rewarded for forgetting your HE shells in BB. The damage output of an HE pen is only slightly more than an AP overpen in most cases from T6 on. Heck, the Germans have 2 different BB in top (from wiki) that have greater AP overpen than HE pen. There is literally no reward for BB players to switch ammo type to HE to shoot DD's. This doesn't make any sense. In the low tiers, you are taught to switch ammo type. This is useless in upper tiers. Sure you can get a little more damage on a DD with HE pen and a fire, maybe knock a module out or the engines, but then what? You have to switch back to AP to be a killer again to other ship types. (Correct play mechanic in my opinion.) Or, you can shoot AP at the DD, get some hits, do almost as much damage and don't have to switch ammo types with the reload wait. Which is what smart players do. (Incorrect play mechanic in my opinion.) I do believe, that DD mains, may have a valid complaint about this. BB players need to be encouraged to switch ammo types which would A) Encourage BB pushing with team (don't have to worry about BB AP if they are shooting DD) B) Help to keep CL/CA from instant delete C) Make average player think more about shots D) (My opinion) Make game play more interesting. E) Ok, just reread A). It most likely won't as a lot of BBs are scared of whatever. What's your thoughts? Honestly Curious about honest thoughts here guys.
  4. In a close range N. Mex. vs. N. Mex fight, where's the best place to aim your shells? (assuming a near-broadside target) N. Mex. armor layout is a very low citadel with a very thick armor belt directly above it, then the four heavily armored barbettes under each turret. Can the 14" shells penetrate through the belt armor into the citadel, or does one have to aim under the waterline? It going for the turret magazines a better strategy? I ask because despite being in a good position and landing plenty of shells amidships, I still could not do enough damage to finish off the enemy N. Mex before he got me. It was a close thing, but he in got the killing volley.
  5. So I'm working my way through the 'Prepare for UK BB' combat mission and stage 3 requires me to set fire to battleships 10 times. Problem being that my only tier V is a British cruiser (yeah yeah) so I can only lob AP. I've been lucky enough to set 1 fire, but sheesh, it really feels like WG are rubbing the Brit AP limitations in my face, in a mission that's should be 'pro-RN'? No way I'll grind the captain skill points in time, but can anyone tell me if the tier III skill 'Demolition Expert' (+2% chance of fire caused by a main battery shell) would help British cruisers? If there at least some underlying chance to an AP shell to start a fire (it would seem so given that I've set one) to which that +2% would be added? Or was my one fire an utter fluke and it's going to be 2%'s chance in hell? Is anyone running Demolition Expert on their Brit cruisers? Cheers
  6. I know the closer,the bigger the shell is,the thicker armor it can penetrate,but what's the other factors that can determine penetration value,and how they determine,like shell mass? Thanks.
  7. Much like the title says, what is the RN cruiser's AP shells' fire chance? I mean, there were games where I was shot at/shooting at enemies and suddenly they get on fire. And just for the record, the shells fired were from the main guns and the firing distance was above the secondary batteries' range i.e. 8-14 kms or what I think is the ship's sweet spot so it could not be due to the secondaries kicking in. Thanks.
  8. 英巡実装ありがとう プレイがより楽しくなりました 英巡の課金艦 ベルファストと通常ツリーの英巡APとの違いは、信管調停時間が違うとのはなしの様子ですが、それぞれのプレイヤースタイルによっては課金艦並の鋭いAPの様な用い方を好む場合もあり、またHEの様な使い方を好むプレイヤーもいるかと思います。私は少々弾かれても良いのでバシっと決まる弾が欲しく 今の英巡APに不満を抱いています。 そこで、各プレイヤースタイルに合わせて信管調停時間を任意に調整できないものかと思い考え投稿した次第です。
  9. enemy : CL, showing broadside....check me : in BB, AP loaded... check distance... 5 km. check aim... perfect, shell dispersion... good direct hit! center mass! YES!! . . . RNGesus : screw it, I'll give you over-pen Enemy : (launching torpedoes) Me : (sunk) ----------------------- I just hate this RNGesus... T_T
  10. Harpoon01

    HE overpowers AP?

    The Recent Patch now reward the Tanking through Angling and near miss evasion but now i don't see any thing rewarding of being shot by HE - Immune to angling - Can Cause fire when get hit anywhere by any HE shell in any size - No Overpen - Fire alone could destroy a battleship that get spammed by DD and Cruiser even in 1 vs 1 in the same tier - Favored by Poor accuracy skill player (when they afraid of non penetration) - Damage Saturation mechanic is not effective when it only count HE shell hit, and not fire so you might die just by get spammed - German BB up to Bismarck generally suffer from HE Spamming Cruiser at MAX range (above 15 km) - Even Battleship use HE quite much now - Fire alone could take up to 30% hp if not extinguished early - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, who put gasoline at my ship's deck?! i also want to complain about IJN Shell Normalization or something, that makes me unable to penetrate angling Hatsuharu with my Atago's AP (9 hit all bounce at 4 km range)
  11. You guys probably have seen my last post regarding the Tirpitz's AP. Then I remembered that the USN CA line also have inferior AP damage. THIS sounds completely unreasonable, as USN cruisers at high tiers do not have torpedoes, have inferior range and inferior shell flight time. German CA have good AP but bad HE so Im not going to complain about them. Russians have bad detection range, less AA and a massive citadel, reasonable balanced. But the IJN shells are just way superior, they have the best HE damage, best fire chance, great range, more guns than USN and better shell travel time. But the problem is their AP does more damage than USN cruisers, they also have torpedoes, making IJN shells pretty much superior to everyone else in general (AP and HE combined) I originally planned to ditch the IJN CA line as I wasn't a big fan of spamming HE until tier 10, but now I realised their AP is extremely powerful I think I will resume that line Yes, the USN does have the complete superiority in AA defence, but the Hindernberg and I believe the Roon too, have the AA power to match their American counter parts while doing better in main battery damage. The lack of CV playersin high tiers also maks the USN AA completely useless. I don't even run defensive AA on my Baltimore anymore, I use hydro and radar as it is just way more useful rightnow. PLEASE WG, GIVE THE USN CRUISERS THEIR PURPOSE BACK. BUFF THE CARRIERS OR GIVE US BETTER GUNS. My Des Moines will most likely be brought and will stay in port for most of my play time as high tiers just isnt good right now. I am going a bit off topic, but please, give the USN cruisers their purpose back and fix the high tier battles aswell
  12. FenrirApalis

    Tirpitz AP damage too low

    So as everyone knows, Tirpitz has the crappiest AP damage at T8, even the T7 BB beats it on damage. I know that it has lower caliber and that means less damage, but how come all other German ships have better AP damage? Say the Hindernberg at T10 has 5900 damage max per AP while the Des Moines only have 5000. They are both 203mm so it would make sense if the Tirpitz AP has more damage despite its low caliber. I propose that the Tirpitz AP damage get buffed to 12000 instead of 11600, otherwise increase the main battery dispersion and secondary range to increase it's combat efficiency
  13. I'm on the asia server, and HE and AP is bouncing EVERYWHERE. Full fuso broadside on cruisers and all bounced, dealing ZERO damage. Full HE salvo using Fubuki on a Mogami's superstructure....6 hits, ZERO damage. This doesn't happen once or twice a match, it happens to about 1/3 of my salvos. Perfect shots at perfect angles, and all bounced. The last time I checked, my HE shells only "bounced" when you strike the bottom part of the hull where minimal damage is dealt to a battleship This has been going on for me ever since the new patch came out. Anyone else experiencing this too?
  14. benlisquare

    Damage mechanics guide

    The following is a guide on how damage mechanics work within this game. While the placement of individual shots fired is heavily influenced by RNG, the damage figures of each shot is rather straightforward to determine. AP shells can bounce off or fail to penetrate the target for 0 damage. They can over-penetrate, doing 10% of their maximum damage. They can penetrate but fail to hit any critical component for 1/3 of their maximum damage, or penetrate the citadel to deal maximum damage. Cruisers typically have maximum AP damages ranging from 3000 to 4000, so you'll only see the big numbers pop up against other cruisers when you hit multiple citadels with a single salvo. Battleships have maximum AP damages starting at 10,000 and going up to 14,000, so they only need one good citadel hit to severely damage whatever they're aiming at. HE is a bit more complex. First of all, normal HE shells hit for 1/3 of their maximum damage. This means that if your HE shell has a maximum damage value of 2000, the standard HE hit will do 667 damage. The exceptions are HE citadels (usually against unarmoured CVs, which deal maximum damage) and against DDs—if you hit a DD amidships (where the DD's "citadel" should be) HE can do 1/2 damage. HE also suffers from damage reduction, however. Every ship is divided into 5 sections (bow, front half, rear half, stern, and superstructure) and these sections have different damage thresholds. Once a section reaches its damage threshold, all HE damage from that point on will be cut in half. In other words, your HE shots that started off doing 1/3 maximum damage will eventually do 1/6 damage instead. This is why it can take so many shots to finish off the last 10% of an enemy's HP. There is a second damage reduction threshold beyond this that reduces all incoming HE damage to 0, however most ships will be dead before that happens. HE can also be blocked completely by armour, usually BB belt armour. HE does 0 damage in this case, although it can still set a fire. The basis of this guide originates from a series of posts by various people. I have made a few adjustments and modifications, but the general idea remains the same. Thanks to anon for compiling the ideas together.