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Found 4 results

  1. ellofiend


    Hello all On the second day of public testing (No.2), I went to login to the PTS but an error popped up. It stated: App::init: BigWorldClientScript::init() failed! Then it stated the system info and the memory info. I have read at least eight forums across the servers and I tried all of these solutions that "supposedly" work but nothing worked. I have sent a ticket to WG about 3 days ago and have received no reply. I have experienced this before but I can't remember what I did or if it fixed itself. The error came up during the loading page and before the login page and there is no way to avoid closing down the game because when I press the X or OK button it closes down the game, and when I dismiss it, the game won't load. If it helps I have been using a different Wi-Fi for about a week as I have been traveling. I would like to be back on the PTS and also finish the Mikasa challenge but this is really biting into my time PLEASE HELP, MODERATORS AND TECH EXPERTS This is an error that is reported all the time and from numerous people let alone the people that haven't reported the error or have fixed it themselves.
  2. IJN_Katori

    Remove Strafe for Fighters

    Anyone knows that this is a lame mode manual for fighters.. Should we remove this or not?
  3. How do I make the incredibly annoying new port music stop? Generally speaking I like all the music and sounds in the game but this new music track featuring what I think is an Accordion is so horrible that I'm having to mute my sound while in port. It hurts my head and sets my teeth on edge like the sound of nails down a blackboard. surely there must be a way to stop just that one track from playing without upsetting the rest of the sound... please help ... it's almost physically painful for me.
  4. See pic related: This is really annoying, and needs to stop. Nobody is doing anything about it. Every day a bunch of new people make multiple threads begging for CBT codes in the Chinese section of the WoWS forums. It's an eyesore. It's annoying. It's unconstructive and non-productive spam. This code begging needs to stop. What's even more annoying? All these "I'm here to post 10 posts" threads. Apparently there's a rumour going around Chinese internet forums that if you make 10 forum posts on the WoWS forums, you get a free CBT invite code, which is complete nonsense. People are creating threads solely to puff up their post count, believing that they will get a free code.