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Found 5 results

  1. Well I have a question that what is the "Prior" time frame is in the following patch note (taken from 0.8.8) : If you have used the Research Bureau and reset a branch of ships prior to Update 0.8.8 going live, you will receive the Anniversary Victory Bonuses for all Tier V–X ships of that branch automatically. Moreover, any ships of the reset branch that you buy back can bring you Anniversary Victory Bonuses once again in accordance with the general rules of the event. Should I reset just before the patch hits or i can reset in the prior update like 0.9.7 and still get the anniversary reward. Thanks. Link: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/update-088-fourth-anniversary/
  2. I got a "Congratulations upon your anniversary in World of Warships!" email yesterday where in part they talk about campaigns, text as follows: Sea Wolves is a program made to thank our long-time veterans. It consists of two parts: The "Honorary Service" campaign, which congratulates those veterans celebrating the anniversary of their first battle, counting from the game’s launch (September 17, 2015). A Commander eligible for two or three years of service reward at the campaign’s start will also receive rewards for previous stages. The “Personal Fleet” campaign, congratulating those Admirals inclined towards collecting ships, and particularly those who have assembled more than 50 ships in their Port—a number that amounts to having an impressive personal fleet! Thank you for being with us! Now I have had the "Honorary Service" campaign from the point I unlocked the ability to do campaigns, however far back that was, but I have never seen, nor now have a “Personal Fleet” campaign and I have well over 50 ships so what is it? It can't be that Collectors Club patch, emblems and flag etc. as that is not a campaign. PS: The big question is what to I buy with the 30% off coupon that I got with this email... ??? Only get 2 days to use it.
  3. what they mean of "Special Offer" on Commander Dasha? Is commander Dasha will be unavailable on the Shop in a few days from now?. I really want that commander dasha and I am short of Anniversary Tokens (144 tokens total) and the anniversary containers is no longer available..
  4. BunnyDragon

    Spot the Easter Eggs!

    Let's play a game. While playing, find the Easter eggs hidden in the maps. You must get a screen shot, tell the location, and identify the egg for full points. (3 points total if you get it right!) I'll go first. I found it on Sea of Fortune in the South East section of the map past the map borders. It is the either the entrance portal that you had to escort the transport in the last Halloween event to or the exit. At least we find out where the transport went to. XD Score 2 (Darn it, can't identify the egg perfectly.)
  5. Commander_GALEN

    Dragon Flag reservation!

    This Dragon flag thing, I don't want to use it, I just want to reserve it as a remembrance... My question is, if the Dragon flag is only a limited time? or is it there forever? Sorry for bad English........