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Found 1 result

  1. coldsteelfury

    Scharnhorst Tactics

    Hello Would like some advice for my Scharnhorst: (1) When entering brawling distance with an enemy BB who maintaining a rigidly front on or angled silhouette, my 280mm AP shells richocet. Am I better off trying to aim my AP at the superstructure or switch to HE? (2) In the above scenario, am I better getting in as close as possible or coming to a stop and pummel each other at short range? Which is better for Scharnhorst? (3) What's the best way to do a torpedo "drive by"? I find that I need to get extremely close to the enemy ship before launching torps to avoid my fish getting dodged. But the problem is as soon as I angle out to get into my torp's firing angle I cop a brutal AP broadside. I normally win the fight at this range but I take some extensive damage. Is this the best way to do a torpedo run (I.e. angle out, fire, angle back in)? Or should I literally aim my bow at the other ship and attempt to scrape the side of their hull whilst moving past them before launching torps? Will the "scraping past" technique mean I cop fewer hits and will my torps have enough time to arm? Or will they bounce harmlessly off the enemy ship because we're too close? Advice please.