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Found 2 results

  1. Imagine. Is there any admiral who actually order every plane squad to just keep the same altitude as enemy does? (e.g. high altitude should have low possibilities to be taken down, low altitude is vice versa.) I mean, even War Thunder players (got torpedo or bomb) don't approach like this. If this feature is updated, CV users should be able to plan their strategy more freely. (replacing that cancelled words => then another example, Navyfield online? #3) It does not mean to delete the current CV UI for controlling the plane squad, but wouldn't it be more fair for CV players? I personally think, something need to be done for CV. P.S. AA gun sound and effect need to be improved further. See this for further explanation about this topic. (the link will take you to reply #4 or you may scroll down.) http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/23045-cv-should-be-able-to-control-its-altitude/page__pid__296615#entry296615
  2. Hi all! (I think this is the right section for this) Just a quick idea I'm going to pop out there... Would it be possible to adjust the altitude of Carrier Air Groups (CAG) in a World of Warships battle? Why? Now before you all say that carrier torpedo bombers are already a little op (just left a game where I practically one shot a Fuso in the first 4 min of a game) here me out. Not everyone on the enemy team is usually in a battleship, sometimes we don't want to engage a target (looking at destroyers for example) as they are rather hard to hit and can be dealt with in other ways. If we didn't want to engage something, couldn't we just fly higher to try and avoid AA fire? If any of you have ever played Sid Mier's Ace Patrol, that's the sort of thing I'm thinking of (without the turn based part). where we can adjust the altitude of out planes to gain specific advantages in combat. For example, a plane that is higher than another has a energy advantage, thus is more likely to win the engagement. Furthermore the higher you are, the less likely you are to be hit by AA. Without wishing to be abrupt, the torpedo bombers on the Saipan class have a speed of around 100 knots, I'm pretty sure the TBD devastator would be going faster than that on an attack run... How it could work: CAG's would take off in the regular fashion, then after would there would be a hotkey or a command with assigns you planes to a specific altitude.(say, for simplicity, a Low, Medium, High alt setting) It may take some time for the plane to climb to that altitude, which could be simulated by a cool-down or something. Torpedo bombers and Dive bombers would still be required to get to Low alt for their attack runs, but could fly at high alt on their journey. Perhaps some planes (I.e. torpedo) would have a lower max altitude than fighter, exposing them to attack. A torpedo bomber coming out of a dive would have a greater chance of not being hit by an ships AA for instance. By chance in thinking of a percentage based system. I'm not saying this would be a single edged sword. Make AA more effective against low alt planes for example and make it take a while for bombers to climb altitude, giving the team more time to prepare for an attack. Perhaps the higher you are the more easily your planes get spotted. Anyway, that's my say. Could this work or is it overcomplicating things too much?