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Found 2 results

  1. dead_man_walking

    Access FAQ

    Q - I received an email to WoWS Alpha but can't find anything (don't have access etc). A - Gratz - now hold your horses. The access to Alpha forums and tags is a manual one. Give it about a week. If after that long you still don't have the correct tags/access PM KaZanova http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/user/kazanova-2000000148/ with your details. Q - I entered a code for WoWS Beta ASIA - now what? A - Gratz - go to the portal www.worldofwarships.asia. Once you login with the details you signed up for the code with, you will get access to a members section. The download is in there. Q - I have Weekend Beta status - does this mean I get Closed Beta? A - Yes - Alpha Testers and Weekend (RPS) Beta Testers will automatically get access to the closed beta when that occurs. Edit with CBT Specific Information 15-3-15: Applications are currently closed for CBT.Those that managed to get in - gratz.Those that got the first email - you are in the pool to be added at a later date (unknown at this stage) as needs be.Those that didn't get any emails - sorry folks that's it for this round. There may be other application rounds later down the track as the developers need.There are no codes etc for CBT, the only way is to apply and that is currently closed off.
  2. swap1997

    Open Beta Release

    When will the open beta for the asian server release?