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Found 1 result

  1. The IJN DD line is split in two. I find I prefer the alternate tech tree boats, the stealthier Minekaze/Hatsuharu/Shiratsuyu over the larger, main line DDs, Mutsuki/Fubuki/Akatsuki. Though I liked Mutsuki well enough, I could not adjust to the high detection radius and low speed / maneuverability of Fubuki or Akatsuki. My favorite ship of the combined lines up to T7 is Hatsu. Over time my IJN DD playstyle has adapted to (and stuck at) the ultra-stealth ability of that particular ship so I'm struggling to do much of anything with Akatsuki. How do you do well in Akatsuki when you are so easy to spot and so sluggish to move? I can't seem to be able to effectively contest caps given the high number of Russian and USN gunboats in play, and even spotting for the team risks being outspotted by enemy DD and deleted by the supporting high tier, high DPM cruisers... I'm definitely missing some key point somewhere. Maybe play much closer support to friendly ships? Maybe do the lone flank run and torp enemy BBs?