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Found 18 results

  1. Aniket_Sengupta

    Can anyone explain this to me?

    How is my good old GK destroying allied aircraft? I thought friendly fire from secondaries and AA were disabled?
  2. blauflamme22

    Blau's aviation corner

    So, after a previous thread got hijacked (7500 transponder code) from I cant remember what to a discussion about aviation, aerial spotting and cloud types, I though I should come up with an aviation based thread, since it has been an important component in naval warfare for essentially 100 years now. Feel free to post here interesting stories about naval aviation, ask aviation related questions (some of us are pilots, ATC, aviation engineers etc who can answer you) and, (I'm taking a big risk here) suggestions regarding aviation in the game. I say suggestions because this isn't a place to have an anti CV rant in, if you don't like the current CV gameplay don't just come here and whinge, instead how about offering up some constructive suggestions and reasoned arguments on said suggestions. Because I like talking to myself in these threads I'll post a little something to get things started.
  3. This keeps happening, and it's driving me nuts. I was in a fully upgraded Langley, when an enemy Langley fighter squadron decided to engage my fighters less than minute into the battle. Since my fighters are fully upgraded, it should be an even match right (both squadrons are from the same ship)? No. In just 40 seconds, my whole fighter squad had vaporized, and I only managed to take down one of his fighters. Now his remaining 5 fighters are going for my two other helpless squads. And even though they were above 5 or so tightly packed friendlies, none of them were shot down by any anti-air. Now that I'm defenseless, the enemy's torpedo squad finishes me off in one salvo of torpedoes (I have fully upgraded anti-air gunners in crews). The on board AI anti-air did not shoot down any planes, and Langley + 6 Torpedoes = dead. Like how is this even possible??? If two fighter squadrons from 2 Langleys and with similar upgrades (mine was fully upgraded) engages each other at the same time, you would expect all fighters to all die at the same time, or maybe 1-2 to survive on one side. How is it possible that one Langley squadron gets taken down completely, while the other Langley fighter squadron only loses 1 plane? (And there's 6 planes per squadron!). This is totally unfair. Is someone bribing the RNG?
  4. This could interesting, i just noticed B5N2s/TBDs were dropping mysterious torpedoes as well as Dive Bombers. can we do this minor thing?, so that i can see their torpedoes dropped as well as the same for the dive bombers
  5. Admiral_Yularen

    Show the Aircraft name again please

    after update the aircraft didn't show their name and only show the tier, it said "In the battle HUD, aircraft names will now be replaced with aircraft Tiers when the alternative battle interface mode is enabled. Full aircraft names that were previously used had poor legibility and did not contain any significantly useful information." but i want to see the aircraft name that help me make video or i want to read it in Wikipedia to learn more about it, this just my opinion thought, but i appreciate it if the dev put the aircraft names again
  6. Blekutux

    Bogue aircraft BUG

    Issue: can't control the aircraft Ship: BogueMap: Strait Severity : SeriousDetails: occur after launched the aircrafts the cursor symbol was a block, i can't direct the aircraft. FIXED after landed the aircrafts then took them off again. replay : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzefwlX-782iRTkxMy1hTEdMTmM
  7. Issue: Fighter Aircraft stucks. Screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/argCxGm.jpg (1080p) Ship: Ranger VIIMap: North - Random BattleOccurrences: OnceTested: It might appeared again.Severity: It is annoying, cause its the main aircraft for defense.Details: Fighter aircraft stuck after a few Alt+Click as shown on the image, the fighter aircraft only spin on the area.
  8. Okay, I'm make this short. I'm playing my Zuihou carrier and I have 1 squadron of Fighters, 2 Torps, and one Bomber. I notice my teammate, who's playing their Ryuujou, is under fire with the enemy planes (same Ryuujou / Zuihou CVs as our team has). So, thinking I'll kill a bunch of enemy planes that are eating his planes for breakfast, I hold down ALT + click above where the enemy planes are, and my squadron does a strafing run - completely mowing down the numbers of the planes (although it says I only got 3 shot down). However, his squadron, which had 3 remaining seemed to be affected as well, as they disappeared after my squadron completed the strafing run. I asked them "did I just kill your planes?" but they didn't respond. I let my planes refuel, etc. And soon after they've done that, my torpedo bombers are getting rekt by the enemy Ryuujou's planes. So I do another strafing run, more kills and it seems my torpedo planes got hit and died... by my own fighters?! My question is, do i need to be careful when doing a strafing run as if my planes are doing a run, can they shoot down friendly planes? Or will the AI ignore damage from teammate planes? I hate to be doing strafing runs thinking I'm doing good for my team when in fact I'm team killing friendly planes. Cheers.
  9. Oddly enough, the Aircraft from 0.5.3 (Maybe) undergo changes The Jet Aircrafts were removed Some of the Aircrafts (Bogue, Independence,Houshou,Zuihou) were added. Aichi D1A1 is removed Houshou have A5M4 Claude and Yokosuka B4Y are can be researched from the start (Originally from Ryuujou) Zuiho now have B5N Kate Bombers and A6M2 Zeros are now researched from the start Langley has huge buff here, Langley has now Dive Bombers from the Start Independence have now SBD-3 Dauntless Bombers and new fighter, the F6F-3 Hellcat (Originally was from Lexington) Bogue will be still stay the same but features 2 new fighters, F4F-4 and the GM-F-2 Additional notes: Hiryuu now have A6M2 (green) which can be researched (new) I can make a guide for the new Aircrafts if you want
  10. Captain_Granite

    Limit of playing field and aircraft

    Hi not sure if this has been looked at .\ When a ship reaches the limit of the playing field (the whitish line) it just stops and must turn back to continue moving correctly. However this does not apply to aircraft: they can fly past the limit of the playing field, turn around and torpedo the living daylights out of a ship stuck on the white line!!!! The same should apply to aircraft otherwise its an unfair advantage. Capn Granite
  11. Junchan

    Aircraft problem ?

    what is that my aircraft fighter 3 group [4 plane] lose for 1 group [4 plane] enemie aircraft ?? my skill for fighter full and Module " Mitsubishi A6M2 " Upgrades " Air group modification 1 and 2 " . . . Why lose
  12. todd1010

    Fighter collusion bug

    issue:two fighter stuck Screenshots: forgot Ship: my ship is kawachi, fighter are from HoshoMap: Big race Occurrences: Once Tested: I didn't try yet Severity: No for me Details: I'm at E8 2 friendly torpedo bomber U-turn in front of me to escape form an enemy fighter and a fighter from my team followed the enemy plane when they both got close to each other they stuck. My AA shot the enemy fighter down then that is fixed. Every thing was happening at E8.
  13. masher1

    Torpedo aircraft

    Hi, I enjoy the aircraft carrier role and the control of aircraft is mostly fine, i do however find that not being able to adjust the spread of launching torpedos frustrating and that I can't change the launch distance equally as annoying. The other issue is when I have for example only two aircraft left it fires them on each end of the arc making it near impossible to hit anything ! shouldn't they be fired both in the center? two planes left would still fly wing tip to wing tip not ?! Thanks Masher1
  14. As seen on the login screen an A6M2 Zero kamikaze on a U.S ship, could it be this is another function for aircraft? (Including U.S as well as other nations with Aircraft)
  15. Soo you have to choose 1 squadron vs another squadron CHOOSE ONE.
  16. Shiro_Kun

    crazy battle

    why is U.S.A aircraft carrier have much aircraft than Japan aircraft carrier? and why is minekaze and cleveland AA Gun is just like fighter aircraft ?maybe better than fighter..
  17. Sz_Benny

    Aircraft Carriers Top of Team

    Anyone else noticing Cv's at the top of the team list nearly every single game? Don't know if i'm just incredibly unfortunate, but I've played around 100 battles and there seems to be a problem here... I'm guessing this is probably due to torpedo bombers and their ability to drop torps literally 40m from your ship making them literally impossible to avoid all of them, which isn't very nice when only one of the torps can take away half your hp. I also noticed that the planes can fly through obstacles, making islands (which would normally protect you from torpedo's) useless from planes. The torpedo bombers can fly right through the island and drop torpedo's from the islands side. Don't know if it is just torpedo bombers that are the problem but something seems wrong based on the results Cv's are getting every game. Edit: Sorry for not being clear, I meant cv's are top of team xp list , not the initial loading screen team list.
  18. Since I do not really bother myself with the use of fighters, I've never gotten myself the Type6 mod. 3 and Mitsubishi A5M2 on my T6 Ryujo. So I was just wondering if I were to unlock/upgrade the T7 Hiryu (after getting the Hull Ryujo (B) and Ryujo © that is), will I get the Mitsubishi A5M2 for 'free' on my T6 Ryujo since Mitsubishi A5M2 is the stock fighters and having learned the T7 Hiryu, wouldn't it make sense?