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Found 6 results

  1. FalseEurobeat

    Us BB 406mm guns

    I am pretty new to the game. Currently im sticking with Tier7 ships until i feel confident about my positioning before moving on to T8. Bought Alabama and Massa as my favorite BBs irl. After trying them out for a few battles, I dont know why but it seem that im having problem penning other broadsiding BB, even their angle just about 10° or 20° at most, even at fairly close range (below 14km, i dont like sniping play style xD), the shells just shatter. Is it because the high arc or something else? I dont have problem with other kind of targets with these 406 guns. Anyone have some experience in these guns could give me some tips to improve my performance ? Thanks in advance xD. Sorry for my bad English
  2. headles_chicken

    UK audacious [T10} CV aim bug

    i try to find other thread/article regarding this but can't find any.. so i strart new one here. Bug : planes from CV doesn't fly in a formation, they fly like flies on top of food. Where and when the "BUG" happens : its happen in random occasion, non predictable when it will happens. I experienced most in T10 UK CV Audacious and sometimes in other CV. Bug description : when flying the planes and try to aim at something, plane formation disrupted and fail to move to designated cursor. they fly like the 1st sortie pattern when the animated formation form at the beginning from sortie(this fly pattern always looping). This bug cause planes strike crosshair change overtime and create a circular flying pattern(you can't strike something when this happens) . Alternate fix in game : - just fire and press F to sortie another squadron then hope it will not happen again.(sometimes it work!!) - go to task manager, kill the game process (so you don't quit the game) and reconnect. (it works but take times) any replays doesn't work, because after i play the game it is 100% normal animation. but not in game... thx..
  3. It's been a long time since I've played my main account, due to personal reasons. I'm back because some may know of the current state of AW. (I don't want to be reminded) Yea. Now world of warships runs far better with my crap laptop (med settings with 30fps :O) Frames don't help me learn to aim does it? Well anyone got quick tips on some ships? I mostly play US cruisers/Russian dds. Battleships aren't really my thing. Nor is German/British lines (too hard for me to play)
  4. Note: flight time in second, speed in knots, distance in km. Resulted term is the tick marks of your reticles as a pseudo-radian. That's all there is to it. Thanks for reading ❤️
  5. M_C_Chan

    Aim bug- a very unpleasant game

    just played a game, chased by 2 cruiser a 1 bb and cant fire back, because can't zoom in with shift button or scroll, guns can't rotate,this is second time, first time was playing new mexico, when ejected scout plane, all guns stopped rotating and can't zoome
  6. Bloodfrog

    Torpedo aim assist

    Hi there, Really enjoying this game a lot. I was wondering if I could get some info on what specific part/area of the target ship, the torpedo aim assist is tracking when it gives the grey/white area for prediction targetting? Thanks. Duplicate thread. Thread locked, user warned. ~amade