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Found 1 result

  1. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    BB Banzai Charge

    in my opinion as an aggressive BB user, Battleships should used as one of the primary ships which have a high contribution in a game (serves as a tank for other ships, distract enemy from capturing ally ships, main damage dealer for the team) but now what i see mostly of the BB are going for the blue lines instead covering other ships but im just keeping my cool not to loose my temper on those Blue line fleets. but then I lost it when we're about to lose cuz the enemy is capping the base but our dd flee and flank the enemy away from the capture objective and our cruisers are still thinking if wether they will cap or not and other bb are in reasonable range from the cap base so im the only one left near the base. so i change course and full speed ahead to the fleets if dds an and cruiser while shouting banzai and did a banzai charge scaring cruisers and sinking all dd and resetting almost finish capping base. after this, i tried it every match and it was very effective as long as enemy bb cant see you in their line of sight. much better if you did this with some bb fleets. just sharing this aggressively desperate tactics to some players who like aggressive play and risk takers. XD any opinions on this one?