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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone happen to know what the highest damage is on Operation Aegis? I had a replay sent to me where the player did 360k damage with 53 citadels
  2. This week is a great week, because alas, AEGIS is here!!! If some of you haven't realised, AEGIS is dank. But some ships are more dank than others.. What you need: -Premium account (just a week will do, cos scenarios change weekly) -A dank light cruiser, with the preferred ships (in decreasing order) as below: >De Grasse (Citadel Kuma at about 14km, Furutaka/Aoba at about 12km, Myoko at about 10km) >Nurnberg (Citadel Kuma at about 12km, Furutaka/Aoba at about 8.7km, Myoko at just under 7km) >Cleveland (Citadel Kuma at about 13km, Furutaka at about 11km, Myoko at 9km) >Budyonny (similar shells as de Grasse in terms of penetration) >La Galissonaire (same shells as De Grasse) Note that Kuma can be overmatched by 152mm AP through its bow Instruction: 0. Mount all the xp multiplier flags and xp camo, solo queue AEGIS. 1. Rush the smoke laid by the mahan, farm broadsides (try to get about 40k damage for the first wave. Shooting at CA broadsides instead of DDs actually give more xp and credits since a volley of 3 citadels is like half a cruiser's HP. Stay behind the DD so as to dodge potential torps from the Poi spam. 2. When ships in the north appear, turn to the west, and let the ships fire at the ships left in the smoke (when it disappears), or any ship north of the smoke. Remember to head west first, as bots will sail in straight lines along set path, and will fire at the closest target it can shoot. While moving, keep spamming HE at the Cruisers. Remember that higher tier Cruisers give more XP. 3. While the BB/CA/DD is being fired upon, turn towards the north, and farm citadels from the broadside cruisers. This should not take more than 15 salvoes. Once you are done with the CL/CAs, deal with the Ishizuchi with torps (if you have them), or else just try to angle and avoid torps, then sail away to the north. 4. Proceed north and farm the 2 Cruiser broadsides. These ships will be close and will fire at you, but just use WASD while you slam citadels into their broadsides. 5. Once you clear closest cruisers, shoot the further cruisers at the other side of the convoy. 6. When the cruisers die, two CVs will spawn (or possibly BBs too). In the latter case, just YOLO and try to do as much damage as possible, since by now you should probably already have over 100k damage. Else just farm the CV and their planes. You might want to use AP for citadels and to keep their deck in commission so as to farm more planes (also, pls take DFAA). Head east as you do this. 7. When you killed the Zuiho and/or the Hosho, try to kill the Ryujo to the east. 8. By this time you probably have almost 200k damage already, and the enemy fleet is rushing your team. So just keep rushing the enemy and farm as much damage as possible since the game is probably ending. Proper selection of ammo type and aim would reward you greatly. Remember how bots operate, don't take unnecessary damage, and farm as many bots as possible. So enjoy, and farm your free xp and credits, without all the salt from randoms! So far my record is only 2501 base xp but I guess it is possible to be higher. pls exploit before WG nerfs this, and take respite from the weekends with this