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Found 4 results

  1. Earl_of_Arland

    I Finally Got her... Now what?

    Finally, after countless battles shedding tears and roaring cheers, i have reached my ultimate goal: Lady Hipper ! N o w W h a t ?
  2. Grygus_Triss

    So German Cruisers are Bad?

    As one of the half dozen T8s I could start grinding next, and as a player who still intends to grind all lines* (almost have T7 clear... Narai next week ), I get very annoyed when I hear people say to go play another line, because a certain line does not 'fit the current meta.' They're all ships in the same game, they should ALL fit the meta, otherwise, why are they there at all? Fix them or remove them. And if you remove them, I'll be even more mad. Anyway, IS Admiral Hipper, and the Hindenberg and the German CA line in general a bad fit in the current meta?
  3. So I was just about up to Admiral Hipper on the German cruiser line and then the Azur Lane January mission came along. I though to myself, "Self, that's some good timing! You almost have enough Yorck XP to research Admiral Hipper!" I completely agreed with myself concerning stepping up to Admiral Hipper and so I played a few Yorck games in Narai with my friendly div fellows so I could research Admiral Hipper. So with myself in complete agreement, I did indeed research and buy Admiral Hipper having already completed the Azur Lane missions to get an Admiral Hipper flag and of course Admiral Hipper the angry blonde anime girl to command my new Admiral Hipper, Admiral Hipper. Here is my brand new Admiral Hipper ship flying an Admiral Hipper flag and commanded by an Admiral Hipper girl. I love it when a plan comes together. Hipper.
  4. Hey there! I've been wondering for a while now, Is the straight arc of Hipper's shells when in CQC that hard to land? I manage to land multiple Citadels usually when in IJN/USN Cruisers on CQC, but with Hipper, I only get around 2 or 3 per salvo. Oh and I meant whenever the enemy's showing his broadside I understand that Hipper's not initially for CQC, But there are always situations that call of it, especially with them torps and sonar.