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Found 6 results

  1. なんでも「World of Tanks」には、隠蔽や観測等によって得られる実績があるらしいではないですか。 こちら(https://worldoftanks.asia/ja/content/guide/general/achievements/)を参考に申し上げますと ・偵察者(敵車輌を9輌以上最初に発見) ・パトロール任務(敵車輌にダメージが与えられた際、その敵を観測中の唯一のプレイヤーであること) ・観測者(1戦中に、自車輌による観測アシストにより、味方が敵車輌に1,000HP 以上のダメージを与える) ・奇襲者(1戦中、一度も発見されること無く、単独で敵陣地を占領する) のような物が実装されているそうです。 あちらをプレイしていないので軍艦と戦車の違いについてはあれこれ申し上げられませんが、少なくともこのフォーラムでは、駆逐艦による偵察や観測における重要性を説いたものが多数投稿されているではないですか。 それは空母に置いても同様であり、そして多分今後実装される潜水艦においても極めて重要であろうと思います。 空母艦載機の有無で取れるとれないの差は極めて大きいものと考えますが、繰り返しになりますがこのゲームにおける観測の重要性は極めて高く、見てもらわないと撃てないというのがありますし。 どうでしょう。 同じWGのゲームということもあり多分検討自体はすでになされていると思うのですが、改めてご検討願えませんでしょうか。
  2. So after a rather lacklustre gaming session today where I end up losing more games than I won, WoWs decide to bless me with this crazy game. Top-tier + broadsiding enemies of questionable skill level + main battery reload booster + a little luck = many kills and achievements The replay if interested: 20191216_013536_PFSB518-Jean-Bart_28_naval_mission.wowsreplay I find I am really liking the Jean Bart, even though I don't actually play it all too often. It is funny, because I didn't really like my Richelieu grind. I could never seem to get it too work. The Jean Bart though is loads of fun.
  3. So after more than 3 years of playing WoWs, I finally did it! I got my first Solo Warrior! It was my last game in the Jutland before I graduated to the Daring too. 20191213_003515_PBSD109-Jutland_52_Britain.wowsreplay Too be honest, I don't think it was that good a game. I felt I could have done better, especially at the end where I made a few errors. If anything it highlights the importance of CVs. I bet the enemy were wishing it was a CV match.
  4. My first "achievement" to get to 1000. I'm a BB main and 80% of my battles are BBs. A couple of "dreadnoughts" may have been with cruisers. What helps is I have always used premium modules, Superintendent skill as soon as possible, and the repairs signals whenever I have them. I now buy them with credits.
  5. Sting_Ray_05

    Aniversary Special missions

    Everyone, I am just wondering how did I actually get these achievements. I do not even understand what the achievements mean and could only guess wildly on how I even got them in the first place. Any answer would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Flying_Endeavor

    Achievements in Co-Op (Signal Flags)

    Greetings fellow seafarers, I would like to make a suggestion regarding achievements. I have noticed after so much time playing Co-Op, I have not been able to get any of the achievements, in turn, I have also not been able to earn any of the signal flags which I adore too much. I made a terrible mistake and used up a number of the flags, and I only noticed too late that they do not have an endless supply of them. I also just recently earned the Camouflage feature of the game, however, the new look of the ship (Me personal Erie) is incomplete without the Signal Flags. I mostly play Co-Op, since I would not want to go through the headaches of PVPs, and I would also truly like to have the opportunity to earn these awards and achievements and be able to obtain the signal flags. Perhaps these suggestions could fit this request of mine: 1. Make achievements also available for Co-Op. Unless, it is too much trouble, then a compromise could be set for the achievements earned in Co-Op. See number 2. 2. Perhaps make the flags earned in Co-Op unavailable in PVPs, but those flags earned in PVPs, available in Co-Op. So, the flags earned in PVPs would weigh higher in value compared to those earned in Co-Op, cause those earned in Co-Op could only be used in Co-Op. 3. Another suggestion would just to make purchasable for in-game currency, much like the Camouflage, and they have to be resupplied right after. (Hence why purchasing it via the store would be much more beneficial. ) 4. Another one would be perhaps simply giving us flags for decoration. Basically, flags which provide no bonus whatsoever but could be obtain by any of the means above for decoration. Decoration is all I am after, basically.