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Found 11 results

  1. I destroyed 3 Generators and the Station. And why I didn't get the "Annihilator" achievement??? "Annihilator" achievement condition : "Destroy two or more generators and the station. Acquired in battle."
  2. Regarding the Royal Navy event and the Hall of Fame. Can anyone explain what the "Honorary achievement" is for Co-op mode? Are WG going to introduce special co-op achievements like last Halloween, but it isn't in the game as yet? Or is it a typo? There was a thread asking this same question on the NA forum, but no one knew what it meant either
  3. Shiyuu_CHN

    Achievement Bug

    Steam Player i winned random Battle over 100 times i got the Veteran achievement in game but in Steam , it shows the the Veteran achievement is processing yet and in game, the Warrior achievement ( i got already) is also processing , count 1/50 ? what happen and what i can do ?
  4. So currently the Achievement Chief Naval Architect is bugged for me as the requirement is research 50 Ships and im currently at 63 ships researched so its past the point were i should of obtain the achievement... although its not really important its just annoys me
  5. just a trivia question about 3 superb achievement. Do you agree if someone say that real 'kraken unleash' receiver should also got either 'confederate' or 'high caliber' (or both) got 'kraken unleash' alone can also mean that steal kill someone else or just a mere chance of luck? well, I use to see someone got kraken yet still a 2nd place below someone who don't score any kill. (that 1st guy got both confederate and high caliber) also since both are count form damage dealt to enemy which one do you think that prove more about contribute to the team? confederate or high caliber?
  6. MolotovWine

    solo warrior获得有bug

    我前几周玩bogue,我们的队友在最后二十秒死光,而我存活到最后,对面还有四人,最后时间到了,我赢了,为什么我没有solo warrior。我查了一下solowarrior介绍,你们说只要赢了就可以,没别的条件。为什么我没有,请问你是怎么判定的????下面是我对本场战斗的截图,和我的成就截图,我觉得可以作为证据。如果贵公司觉得我说的有错,可不可以解释一下,或者你们修改下介绍,谢谢
  7. Not sure if they made changes to the achievement, but as the medals section says for "30 aircraft shot down by AA or fighters" I've had at least 2 games by memory where I fulfilled this criteria (using surface ships and CV's) and didn't get any awards for this.. http://i67.tinypic.com/2guy68g.png[/img] Also sidenote, can anyone recommend image hosting (direct to show images on forums) sites as my go to site tinypic has repeatedly come up with the error message saying this image extension is not allowed
  8. cyxnide

    Double Strike!

    There are many achievements in this game for us to unlock,some of them being easy, and some being rather hard to get. One of the most difficult achievement I've got was the "Double Strike" achievement. I got it when I was still using a Tier 2,the IJN Destroyer Umikaze. Me and a few other destroyers rushed into the pocket area (if you don't know what I'm talking about,you should watch this video,it's really helpful. ) Came across two enemy destroyers sailing together,but quickly lost sight of them because of the smoke. Decided to dump torpedoes blindly. Bam. Let's see how others got this achievement xD Share your story here.
  9. Desert_Fox_2014

    Error Under Achievement Comment

    Under Achievement Section "It's just a flesh wound" Stated "Can be obtained several times per battle." How can you achieve this after your ship is sunk???? I think it is mistake, should be once in a battle.
  10. cyxnide

    Achievements/Challenges Ideas.

    I had a few ideas for achievement when I was playing last 2 days. And here's the list so far: 1) FISH OFF! - This achievement can be obtained for destroying 5 or more ships in a single match with torpedoes. 2) Grind Hard - This achievement can be obtained when players successfully achieve 15k research points for any ship in one session.(This could also be a daily mission) 3) Boom goes the dynamite - Similar to the current "Detonation" achievement,but this is awarded to the player who successfully hit the enemy ship in the magazine causing a detonation. 4) Not a scratch - This achievement can be obtained when players successfully take out more than 3 ships without taking a single hit. (For the CV side,if the planes launched by the CV takes out an enemy without having any of them shot down,they can get this achievement as well.) 5) No casualties - This near impossible achievement will be given out to every member of a team that survives/wins the match without having ANY OF THEIR SHIP sunk by the enemy. Tell me what do you guys think of these achievements,should WG add these? This ends my report,see you at the high seas everyone.
  11. Hello players!! Welcome to Achievements & Signal Flags!! This guide covers the achievements & signal flags feature of World of Warships. This feature maybe familiar to you in gaming world and might thinking that it's just simple decoration & fancy stuff on your game account like Steel Wall, High Caliber, Confederate, etc. back in World of Tanks. NOPE! That will mostly not happen in World of Warships, so let's discuss this with Questions & Answers then List of Achievements & Signal Flags! What do Achievements & Signal Flags do? - They are not decoration for sure. But they reward you with experience boost, credit boost, etc. in battle. Yes, they are worth to get!! How do we get the achievement/s? - You can get achievement/s in random battles only and meet the requirements for that certain achievement. You can read each achievements' requirements in your Profile Tab (Top) > Achievements. I’ll explain each how you get them. And the signal flag/s? - First you have to be Account Level 7 and you will start get them as reward for getting achievements like “First Blood”, “Confederate”, "It’s just a flesh wound!", etc. How do we know our Account Level? - You can see immediately right next to your In-Game Name (IGN) on top left corner of your screen. For more detail of your current account level go to…. Profile > Service Record How do we know if we did get achievement/s? Three ways to know if you got the achievement/s: How do we know if we got signal flag/s? There will be some sort of box-like this in screenshoot, these are the flags you earned in battle. Where is the experience & credit boost reward you’re talking about? - When you got Account Level 7, you can equip the maximum of 8 or less signal flags on your ship~! Each signal flag has their own effects like +50% experience earned, +20% credit earned, etc. Are signal flag/s unlimited? - Unfortunately, no. Once used in battle, the signal flags you equipped on your ship are vanished like consumable items. Learn how to save them. Can we buy signal flag/s via credits or doubloons? - No, only by getting the achievements. UPDATE (7/14/2015): Just found out from RU server that at this moment, they are selling flags via premium store & paid via real money. How can we equip these signal flag/s? - Select a ship > click Exterior tab > Signals > click the flags > Mount