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Found 1 result

  1. RisaFujiyama

    New Teamwork-based Achievement Medal

    Alright I entered a dangerous territory here. So yeah the biggest problem of the MMORPGs. Teamwork! Yeah yeah, its the biggest problem, dont you agree? We have a battle achievement medal to prove to others we are the best. But how about the achievement that revolves about thing that require a proactive teamwork? And of course the rewards will even much better than the achievement that got by a one person. Of course, I am aware it forces people to play together that maybe some people not comfortable. But as Sun Tzu said "Every battle is won before its even fought", I pretty sure it will at least make the battles very interesting. So here is my few suggestion. Marksmen - Every ship in the division scores at least one citadel to same enemy warship. Focused - Every ship in the division cause fire, flooding, citadel, incapitation damage to same enemy warship. Defender - Every ship in the division get any kind of damage and kill every enemy in the cap circle. ​Honorable Farewell - Die protecting any allied ship from enemy torpedo. (Actually I have seen some people doing this and the saved ships actually able to fight till the end and win, its really crazy if I must tell you.) The Last Blood - Every ship in the division receive 80% or more of damage from the normal ship HP survived and win the battle. So yeah that is only a bit what I can tell for now. I know some of the requirement are ridiculous or probably all of them, as for that I apologize for my fart brain. Until then I wonder what community will respond.