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Found 4 results

  1. Randika_2015

    Main Battery Accuracy

    Lately, I have experienced an issue regarding shell accuracy. Because when I shoot shells are going like crazy (like enemy ships repelling them like magnets). I do believe it's based on RNG and my rng sucks consistently. Even some times full board siding ships won't contact with any of shells and it is highly frustrating to play like this. I have seen many streamers and YouTube videos with better games but they occasionally get shell dispersion like mine. I don't know what happened with my RNG. Does anyone know why is it happening to me and any solution for that? I have attached a few SS here (1.Stalingard 2. Henry IV) when I send those replays to the WG they say it is normal. But it is not normal cause after that I gave my friend to play and he was frustrated too that he can not hit most of the shots (he is a way better player than me).
  2. KirstieBeau

    German BB FCS

    When I first got Gneisenau, I instantly upgraded her hull with free xp but left her FCS stock for me to grind and I had terrible games in it and the shots were awfully misplaced. In fact, my average win rate at that time was at around 40% and around 25k damage, so I thought, yeah, I will just grind my way through to get Bismarck and sell this ship. But after I got the FCS upgraded, suddenly my shots were actually hitting, dispersion was quite good for a German BB, and my win rate and average damage went up. I liked Gnei so much I decided to keep her. Now I got Bismarck, and same story. Upgraded the hull ASAP, but still has the FCS stock. Took it to battle. Was 4 km on a bow-on Iowa. I targeted his front turrets to disable it. Guess what? All 4 shells go left and right off of the turrets missing it! History is repeating itself. Look at my Bismarck stats. It was hideous. Maybe it will change when I get my FCS upgraded just like what happened in my Gneisenau. Now my question is: Does the FCS upgrade reduce the dispersion of German BBs particularly Gneisenau and Bismarck?

    Cant find a proper title but please read

    So I've been thinking if battleships had range finders and radar judging by what I know hopefully I'm correct but range finders are people in an armored housing with a telescopic looking pair of binoculars. (again sorry if I sound stupid I didn't really do much research on these) However if these range finders and radars had parts to do with the accuracy of the main battery guns if these were damaged by incoming fire shouldn't that make the firing accuracy a little worse? If you haven't figured out what I'm trying to suggest yet it's a suggestion that if we make these parts vulnerable to incoming fire that should make it more of a challenge to fire at the enemy, if a shell lands on or near the radar dish or range finder it can either render it useless or damaged so the repair ability can fix it otherwise it will take 30 seconds to get the range finder back in to operation, meanwhile if the majority or all range finders are damaged by a full salvo the accuracy of the return fire will be less accurate.
  4. Moganite

    Accuracy since 0.5.5

    Has anyone else noticed that since 0.5.5 the accuracy of ALL ships seems off? I thought I was imagining it but it seems impossible to get multiple citadels in a salvo lately or for BB even to hit a CA. my average accuracy for all ships for 0.54 was over 30 percent with some approaching 50 percent and i was getting quad or even on rare occasions quintuple citadels with mt CA guns on other cruisers at range when I aimed properly. and in close at less than 10 km I was occasionally one shotting other CAs with my cruisers. They were broadside on plus neworleans with 9 8 inch guns. I know I could of just forgotten how to aim but that seems unlikely as it is happening for all ships. I have also noticed that there appears to be a discrepancy in the dispersion definitions given in the WOWs wiki. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration_%28WoWS%29 The paragraphs relating to dispersion give the specification that the dispersion values in port are the 50 percent horizontal axis at maximum range. It then goes on to claim that the 50 percent contour is equivalent to 1 standard deviation when it is clearly not. The 50 percent contour would be equivalent to 0.67449 of a standard deviation and it is well known that 1 standard deviation would be where it is 68.27% within those bounds. This is of course assuming normal distribution. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_deviation I have also noticed this being on the recieving end of a lot of shells that it seems that the accuracy of everyone has dropped of with less frequent shell hits. So what is going on?