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Found 14 results

  1. HobartAWD

    Clan bug this morning

    Anyone else in a clan have any grief when logging in this morning? For me and many others you log in and the game does not recognise you are even in a clan. Yesterday all was working ok. Clan chat gone. Naval battle button gone. Clan bonuses gone. Clan name on patch gone. However while others have said the game tries to get them to join a new clan, for me the list of members in our clan still shows up when clicking the clan tab. Looks like the server isn't syncing with accounts properly. Apparently restarting the game has worked for many, but no luck for me as yet. Going to try restarting again and then submit a ticket.
  2. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Transfering from Steam to Wargaming Center

    I have installed my game through Steam and registered by my Steam account. However it seems like that Steam client is not as stable as the one in Wargaming Center since It is sometimes difficult to start up. I wonder whether there is a method allowing me to use WGC instead of Steam to launch the game.
  3. 如題,官方前陣子開放給亞服轉移伺服器帳號,我與其他同學都轉移到北美,但是在今日2019/12/13 晚間23:56(UTC +8)時,同時出現以下畫面,還請官方回復,或者同時有遇到這個問題的玩家也一起討論!
  4. Is there something going on with the servers atm? I can log into the game but my account's premium days status, doubloons and credits fields have amounts in them but they are grayed out with a orange triangle with an exclamation mark in the centre. If you put the pointer over these marks it says "Service is Unavailable" and every so often it goes into a synchronisation loop but goes back to "Service is Unavailable". Is anyone else having this problem?
  5. anonym_fyX7JJJRnuRq


    剛剛發現了可以在steam上遊玩戰艦世界 但是我已經使用了戰遊網的客戶端使用了1個月 我現在是想 在steam上遊玩戰艦世界並使用我的google的賬號 都找不到辦法去解決 因為我想能用原本連接了google的賬號能夠在 steam上購物 難道我要在新賬號重新遊玩嗎? :(
  6. KatzeWolf

    Link account and forum

    Because there is not much English interaction on the Sea forums (well not as much as the US forums), I have created a US account spercificly to interact on the forums. My suggestion is, allow users to link their preferred profile to their forum account. So for example, I could link my SEA world of warships account to my US forum account. This way on the I could post on the US forums with my SEA acocunt (with games played etc). Could just put, "SEA Player" under the profile pic. I'm fairly sure the forum is capable of doing this. And it would be a really nice addition.
  7. I have been playing world of warships before it was released on steam, and after the steam release, I have been using the steam client for the game since its faster and i prefer it. But for each game steam makes a new account for the user for that game and to disable this I have removed the steam.api file for this game so it wont do it and let me login to the game with my old WoWs account, and since currently there have been DLC releases for this game on steam which I'd like to buy for my wows account so would it be possible to link my WoWs account with my steam so I could buy those DLC's to use it in my WoWs account. Thanks
  8. Hello, First i'm new in here and i want to play WoW (Windows Store Version) with Wargaming account, can i do that? I've linked my Microsoft Live account to my Wargaming account then i see this message when logged in to Game (attachment), and i've contact to Wargaming Support to solve my Problem. Anybody can help me to solve this problem?
  9. I'm wondering how do I delete my PT account. There's a support article that teaches you how to request for an account deletion or something, but I can't do it with my PT account because it directs me to the RU support. And I think that a PT account is different from an RU account. An advanced thanks for any answer. Cheers.
  10. Hi All Anyone else had issues with their account and premium shop purchasing and then ask WG for help only to be ignored? I had a problem with my purchase from the shop, sent WG a support ticket on the 8th Sep. Got a reply on the 9th saying they would assist, asked me how to proceed. I replied same day (9th Sep) with all details. No reply, so sent a follow up message (14th Sep) Still no reply, sent another message (18th Sep) Still no reply, opened a new TICKET (21st Sep), still no GOD DAMN REPLY!!!! paying customer here and they just IGNORE!
  11. Hi Wargaming, I purchased Premium account for 90 days. However its not coming through in the game or on the website. I did receive an email says premium account is available already for me. Please get it fixed ASAP. It's getting frustrating as I cant maximize the effect of dragon flags. Regards
  12. Smolensk_Museum01

    PSA for those who haven't played WoT

    Check your email, if you're lucky there's an offer from WG to drive a T6 Premium tank (A Japanese Tiger) free for 30 days (check your spam folder aswell) Just redeem the bonus code to get the tank and log into the game, you can keep the tank permanently by completing its missions.. Though i am after the free premium account it you can get (7 days prem just from redeeming the code) and if you complete the in game beginner missions you can extend the premium duration further.. I got 2 weeks of free premium account combined..
  13. Maltusha


    Advice Needed! Hey Captains, I am currently enjoying this game on a WOWS ASIA. I am however from the UK. I am living and working in Singapore but am due to return to the UK in December. Obviously I will have to log on to the EU servers to continue playing this great game (Low Tier German ships suck ass though) Can I ask any of you how I go about transferring my account? I know it can be done. I refuse to create another account and have to spend time and money again reaching the same level I am at now Tier 5-6 in all classes. Any help or advice you guys could share would be appreciated very much. Good luck and fair seas haha Bill