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Found 1 result

  1. Recently I'm looking at wall-to-wall four CV games in randoms, more-or-less independent of tier. The stress is starting to show. My ability to carry a team is pretty much nil, and my WR is in the toilet. The problem comes down to WG giving away RN CVs in the fly-strike-win event. There's now a large pool of CV players in the queue who are skilled enough, and in CVs powerful enough, to reliably hit enemy ships. These same players are not, however, skilled enough to protect the ships on their team that have weak AA. For a ship like Kagero that relies on remaining undetected to maintain any kind of offensive capability, and with near zero AA, the situation is completely hopeless. You will get spotted the minute you take up any kind of attack position, and you will remain spotted, and focused by air attacks (misc.) for the remainder of your short time left in the battle, during which you will achieve nothing outside of distracting enemy CV attention away from your teammates. An AA destroyer like Sims, on the other hand, is loads of fun. Wait for the planes, kite off, pop DFAA, and watch your troubles disappear. [premium consumables a must] In AA cruisers like New Orleans, it's a bit of a mixed bag. I spent an entire game getting focused by the enemy CVs. Being spotted also meant spending the entire game dodging BB shells and generally dancing around doing nothing offensive. Shot down 39 planes, helped our team win as a result, but I wouldn't say it was a fun experience. For other cruisers it's just a random chance whether the enemy CV decide to focus you - or some other schmuck. BBs have the easiest time of it, since the amount of dpm a typical CV can put into you isn't that significant, especially if you have decent AA, and being plane-spotted isn't such a big deal. But we are still back to the bad old days where if your team happens to have the potato CV and the enemy team gets the unicum, then your team are going to be rolled and there is nothing any cruiser, battleship, or destroyer can do about it. [sigh. rant over]