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Found 8 results

  1. CarbonMonoxide

    Will doubloons expire?

    (I'm not sure if it's correct to post here) Will doubloons expire? cuz I got some doubloons from super container some days eariler now I can at most buy a yubari (I like IJN CL) I wonder if doubloons will expire if so, then I better buy one before the doubloons vanish if not, I may wait for another IJN CL that I like more, cuz the yubari seems so bad by the way, is the yubari worth buying?
  2. greifer

    Yubari - CQC

    Several games now in the Yubari i have had my secondaries go off. I know it has the one gun, and to me its more a novelty. Has anyone though got a CQC with it?
  3. KazumaAyasaki

    Aiming System Modification 0

    What is this, Exclusive to Yubari or what?
  4. Yubari on 0.5.7 i want to buy her with sims now!
  5. I've been playing higher tier games (tiers 6+) for a while now since the new patch and haven't noticed the effects much, but since the recent patches where AA was rebalanced with emphasis on higher calibre AA doing more damage, I've noticed that the ships equipped mainly with small calibre AA like the Japanese 25mm and the 40mm Bofors (or equivalent Russian 37mm) have fared poorly against low tier carriers in tiers 4-5. In these tiers, granted AA for most ships is weak, but almost no ships have large calibre AA/DP guns and the few exceptions being ships like the Nicholas (which has 4x5" DP guns, plus its smaller 12.7mm machine guns and 28mm chicago pianos). This allows carrier players to attack us regular surface ship players with impunity, which prior to the recent patch was not the case as the smaller calibre AA was able to at least deal some damage to attacking planes to give competent players a chance to doge and evade attacks. The new patch also seriously hurts ships like the Yubari - with nerfs to advanced firing training, basic firing training and small calibre AA, the ship is now poorly armed (as before), has poor module health (1 hit = engine or rudder gone, as before), has a slow rate of fire for its remaining guns, and its AA struggles to shoot planes down (even with bombard ability), when it once was the king of low tier AA. While I love this game, it really is a pain to have carriers not deal with as much attrition as they should. While any ship can do well in the right hands (even the Yubari) , - Getting sunk by a carrier and not shooting down a single plane for it is rather insulting to say the least, when you've made every effort to avoid this demise in a AA speciality ship.
  6. 我希望能改善一下,至少天龙和球磨不会出现如此容易坏引擎的问题
  7. Gezeiten_Heimatwelt

    Yubari's Engine

    Is it just me or the Yubari's engine is extremely vulnerable to being knocked out? Most of the time I take critical damage, it's always the engine that gets taken out first. And ofcourse, her armor is paper so even a pesky low life DD can knock my Yubari's engine out... It wasn't just a battle, but most of the battles I played too. I did get her the engine protection module, but that doesn't seem to help enough at all (I feel scammed having bought her...)
  8. 夕張有高平兩用砲,也被分類為巡洋艦,完全符合「防禦火力」的說明,但是實際卻沒有效果? 請問這是系統出錯?還是技能的說明不精確,讓人誤會?