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Found 3 results

  1. Having a clan that are entirely inactive but still wants an active clan as you're tired of it? Low battle statistics but you think you are worthy of a good clan? Do you need a good advice from a veteran clan members? Then, come on up and lets go for Hell Fire clan. We give a gentle but scorching hot shells from hell to our enemy and gives advices for cute little noobs of World of Warships on how to do that. If you want some gentle firing warm love, go here and join our clan
  2. Ninajim

    WoWS AUS Clan

    Hey guys, just an average player here. I'm looking for a decent Australian-Based clan to join, specifically a WoWS-based one. I'm wanting to get better at the game through a connection to better teammates and strategists when it comes to competitive battles. I'm currently at a 50% Win Ratio and in Tier 6. If you want to just chat to me in-game, just add me under the same name of 'Ninajim'. Wanting active clans to participate in. Cheers guys.
  3. Hello, I am Dark_Jet aka Captain_Jet, I have recently created a clan for World of Warships named, RIMPAC Gaming, and I'm looking for some new members to join in and help grow the clan to its full potential! We are a realist and professional clan with a realist ranking system used by the US Navy. We don't have many requirements, just that you be able to speak english and can be active and dedicated. If you're interested in joining and helping out then head over to our website or our discord server for more info. I am Australian but we have a few members from all around the world so any time zone is fine! Website: http://rimpacgaming.enjin.com/home Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/DHTEKkk Thanks for your time, Dark_Jet, Founder and Admiral of RIMPAC Gaming.