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Found 4 results

  1. Bloody hell have not even reach 50k dmg 3/4 team die in 1st 7 mins. [content removed] typical weekend warriors Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  2. jagdtiger88

    I just don't get it

    Just want to share 1 strange game last night I just don't get it, what were they thinking?! In this battle, all of my team and the enemy team, ALL OF THEM just went to A cap and fight there most of the game I decided to went try to contest B cap and to my surprise no one is contesting me, in a Kiev and I ended up capping both B and C without any opposition only 2 enemy ships tried to contest B cap later but the battle has already but been decided I just don't understand what went through the mind of all those captains?! this just another suicide run by a kirov needlessly to say, he didn't get where he wanted to do i guess what about you guys?! had any peculiar, strange or unexplained battles that you can share?!
  3. Sooooo finally finished the last Project R mission I have - CV wins... FYI to all haters, CVs don't need nerfing, the tier-matching and number matching of CVs did that. So got a Hosho, did my thing... Don't get me wrong I'm not fail (I did fail for first 2 or so matches, but got the hang of it pretty quick) 1v1 Langley... What's the counter? 4/5 times 1v1 my fighters would lose... And yes, I have all the modules and upgrades... Any pointers peeps?
  4. Firstly I don't actually care about stats. I just find this interesting So up until the last two nights, my win rate over last 60 days has been 55%+ 30 days was ~58% 7 days was 60% The last two days since the start of the x3, it has MASSIVELY dropped. So yeah, WoWS is pretty much the same as WoT - when there's x3 the scrubs come out to play. Seen more TKs in the last 48 than the rest of the year NB: I haven't been playing that great anyways - so that's a contributing factor... Kickback from forum users - ensue... /rant