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Found 12 results

  1. DanDansOY

    1572 BattleShips

    I hope there will be a World of Warships Classic I play this game and its really awesome especially the Effects, big sea waves and strong wind I hope WoWs developer will do this too. . These guys use Mortars. credits to video Uploader.
  2. Hey guys, I am BatsLaw I am an Indian, you can guess that pretty much easily after you've jus read the question. I've done my research on this. Currently India is the 4th most powerful nation in the world! And the countries preceding it are USA, RUSSIA, CHINA. All of whose ships are there in this game. The pan asian line doesn't have any battleships, same as the realtime Indian navy. Wargaming i have read is doing some pretty good work in India. It has upcoming plans to have a separate Indian server, host their naval legends show in Hindi. All that is really exciting, especially the server. But c'mon guys, India being the 4th most powerful country in the world needs some recognition. To make the developer's work easier, let me say, India has a lot of good cruisers, both before and after the World Wars. India also has a really good aircraft carrier "INS Vikrant", it holds the record for the world'd longest running ship. The cruisers,frigates,corvette's and destroyers are plentiful. I also really mean to bring in the Aircraft Carrier, it's legend. The more countries you bring in, the players you get! Simple! My friends seriously like the German and American lines, but at the end we jus wish there were and Indian one. I am not being biased, currently my in-game favorite is the german and french line, but cmon guys, you gotta bring in all the current powerful countries in the world and spice up the game with some more reality (It already feels real lol). Hope you guys can at least take up the idea Regards, Batslaw
  3. Fluffykinss

    Add searchlight feature

    so can WG put this searchlight feature to the game? cause this is make this game is more interesting and more atractive, my idea is just put this searchlight active in some condition like cyclone, thunderstrom, and snowstrom because when i play map that get some cyclone or thunderstrom it was very dark for me even i can't see clearly my ships, and i remember why WG don't add this searchlight to the game but this searchlight active just only arround the warships not the actual is searchlight works for find enemy, it's just a some decoration not for a skill, and i imagine that can be beautiful when u can activate searchlight around your ships at the cyclone or thunderstrom this is interesting for me please add this feature to the game
  4. anonym_2EFpjvgfY2gu

    WOWS Time

    So I'm confused about WOWS in game time. For example, 0.7.4 Public Test #2 Test Start: 19/04/2018 @ 00:30 UTC+8 I'm thinking, how many hours until the PTS starts? I found this page- https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/utc8 Is this page representative of WOWS time? Will the public test start when the clock on that page is at 00:30 (12:30am) on 19/04 ? Thanks.
  5. just thought I'd start a post where everyone can post their most impressive games, to show off their skill to the community.
  6. New_Horizontal

    WTH that ships is?

    You guys playing this game here because many reasons. I believe mostly are here because we love warships and History. So let's have some game over here. At first, I reference this idea back to below topic. And thanks to dseehafer ​for this interesting idea. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/111462-guess-that-ship-new-gold-ship-added/ The game have a similar fashion like that one except some rules will be readjusted. Description: I'll start posting warships picture and let you guys guess about ship class and name. Picture may contains only part of the ship, taken from the distance or blur for some challenging even unfinished ship also included. Once the picture is correctly identified, Me or you guys are allowed to post another one and so on. Rules: These are rule we should comply - No Google hax: To make this game fair, using a google search tool for picture are not allowed unless you are going to post another picture to let us guess again. you can use some source like books or articles though. - One answer per post: You can answer only one per post (number of posts are unlimited. So feel free to answer as many as you like.) - Once the previous picture is correctly identified, others can post next warship picture and let us guess. Only one picture are allow here. and we have to correctly identify it before put another picture in and so on and so forth. - Picture should not show ship name for challenging purpose. - After the picture was identified, Please highlight as guessed for no further confusion Okay let's start with first picture (Guessed) Have fun captains P.S. for moderators, you can move this topic to "off topic" section if you see fit. Moved to off-topic. ~amade
  7. daniel98

    "Warships Model"

    Hi guys, just wondering do you guys build warships model? share it if you do! I have one question actually is it alright to do straight build will it look presentable?
  8. I've created tool for World of Warships statistics based on my WoT Page. WoWS Stats & Numbers Main features: - player statistics with progress tracking - example, - milestones - important moments for account, new ship, new damage record, - leaderboard, - warships statistics, - leaderboard for warships and same class/tier warship comparison - Cleveland, Atago, - recent events Enjoy, use, comment!
  9. Ramlal_ki_Beti

    New era warships

    New era warships should also be included now. Those ships equipped with missiles and new tech. There should be a siren introduced so that players can blow it if allies are going to crash in. The map size should be increased. Gameplay recording with voice chat should be also brought in. Formations should be also brought in. Reinforcements should be also included.
  10. Crazy idea that yours truly just came up with. What would happen if we fitted a ship... (Will never experiment on lovely British-speaking japanese navy ships, desu.) ...with some of these babies and tweaked her AI processor for maximum performance? What could possibly go wrong? Note to self: I'm too random at times.
  11. Hello guys, By now you will have already read the patch notes of client version 5.1.4 before reading this and the interesting part of it was the news that Wargaming will be adding a Tier 8 Soviet Premium cruiser, which although still a mystery for now has got my attention as the Soviets in WW2 had no comparable Heavy Cruisers that were built. While they did have the Kirov class light cruiser, to me it represents a tier 5 or tier 6 ship because of its armament and armour and although the Soviets did have post war gunned Cruisers, all sported a rather Cleveland level armament of 9-12 6inch Guns. So what is this cruiser, a 6inch gunned post-war cruiser or a new imaginative paper ships concept?? Any thoughts Gentlemen??
  12. AdmiralAckbar13

    World of War: The Trio Combined

    Now that we have worlds of tanks, planes and warships, I think it would be amazing to see Wargaming combine all three into huge multi-player games. I know it will probably never happen, but what are people's thoughts and opinions? I think it would make for heaps of fun and drop some of the barriers between the three separate games.