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Found 1 result


    dead_man_walking abusing his power

    So I just got a warning from a moderator under the name (dead_man_walking) well here's my thoughts you are abusing your power and I think that is not fair you gave me a warning for breaking the rules of swearing, I make sure that all my cursed language is censored I'm not that dumb what would you prefer me to say the full F word or a censored version that still gets my point across well allowing me to express my anger without offending people, cause frankly nobody gives a **** if I was to curse, but I understand its against the rules so that's why I censor it I mean the game itself does it too in the form of chat pressing F11 and it says (son of a #$*&) so yea you warning me for this kind of behavior I find is not fair and you can't pretend to be little goody two shoes either cause I'm pretty sure you've done it a couple of times yourself. You have been trusted to warn people for using full offensive language not to harass people that censor the offensive language so yea I say again what would you prefer me to use, the full F word or to censor it out e.g "[content removed]*" and you better not give me a warning for this either cause I'm just trying to express a point I'm not doing this on purpose please don't be a douche its not fair on other people that feel angry but try their best to express their anger without offending people. Honestly if I get warned for this you will regret it. Do not use profanity on the forums. If you must self censor, it must be a fully censored, no working around it by leaving one letter uncensored. Disputing Mod/GM/Admin decisions. Post edited, user warned, thread locked. ~amade