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Found 3 results

  1. DeliveryExpress

    Request background image

    Hi everyone, First I apologize for my poor English. I really love new updated World of Warships game loading background image. I have google for it but don't find the new updated one i'm looking for. So I ask if anyone know where the game loading background images are? Or if you have the moskva cruiser vs yamato background game loading image, can you share here please (I think it has been add from 0.5.10) Thank you all. P/s: I don't search on forum by forum search engine, only search google so if a topic somewhere like this please mod first link me to that topic first. Thanks.
  2. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    [Fanart] World of Warships: Date in Port

    Happy Valentines Day! (wont be in the net till Monday due to reasons so gonna upload this earlier) for HD res: Deviant Art Pixiv
  3. Hello there captain! How would you go about sharing your epic moments in the seas? Want to capture that great ol' angle upon the setting sun? Or capture the mass destruction of a mag detonation? Well, all you need to do is close your HUD (Ctrl+G) and send them in! Some may be used as wallpapers, others as pure moments of battle! All will be uploaded to the channel with ALL credit given out, in description AND on-screen! This is your moment to share our moments with other players outside the forums! Send your images in to ninajimthedragon@gmail.com to be added to a whole collection! I plan to make a few episodes of this, so you have a great chance of your picture being seen! Especially this early in the series! Discuss below, and make sure she looks good for the camera! ~ Lights, Camera, Action Stations! ~