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Found 10 results

  1. Blankrang

    hey my Rant

    so why is it so inconsistent. I get alright games with brilliant rng in the morning AEST 12pm. but when it comes to night like 10pm the rng is so bad that I keep watching my shells disperse around my targets what gives. like I mean I'm in the yamato. and my shells disperse so far around the Montana that it looks impossible. next why is it always happening when the Chinese are on. and all these numbered accounts. lastly this dispersion inconstancy happens every night I play. yet in the morning my play is good. rng is good same play style and some way of aiming. what gives. end of rant. I feel better. though I'm gonna stop playing for a bit because the inconsistency is killing me and my enjoyment.
  2. I'm still kinda in shock. [SIF]NZ_Flying_Shark, if you are reading this : I am so, so sorry Dude. What happened: In the early stages of the game I had approached the cap and was parked behind an island trading fire with a Neptune and a couple of other enemy ships. The Missouri came up from behind me and passed in front towards the gap I was firing into. I knew he was there but figured he was far enough in front and to one side, and I really wanted to score some hits on the cruiser heading into cover. Unfortunately Missouris are really tall ships, Myoko guns have very flat arcs, and I managed to ping his superstructure with 2 HE shells of my outbound volley. That's all, as far as knew. My bad, but not the end of the world. A couple of minutes I exploded with a warning that I had been given team killer status. Since I was taking fire at the time, I thought I had been one-shotted by the enemy battleship ... but I couldn't figure out for the life of me who it was of my team I'd managed to kill. No torps. I was definitely shooting at the reds, no greens in my sights. Missouri still fine. Turns out I had killed myself. The way it happened, as far as I can tell, is like this: Unfortunately my earlier HE shell on the Missouri mast started a fire. He didn't use Damage Repair Party. He continued to burn. The burn damage was treated as additional "attacks" from me on my team with additional warnings. At some point, the damage reflection kicked in, and I died from the reflected hit. So a managed to do over 27k of team damage and sunk one team ship (me), all from accidentally clipping a battleship with two 203mm HE shells! <<sigh>> pink for the next 10 games **** P.S. Treating the shot and the fire damage as separate attacks is unfair "double jeopardy" in my view. P.P.S. In my defense, the top-down viewpoint in game gives the illusion that your guns have more height clearance than they really do, unless you zoom all the way down to the turret view.
  3. Firstly, I would like to owe to WarGaming for matching me 4 times in a row with Saipan, Atlanta, Sims, and Kidd, and good morning or afternoon or whatever I do not care, everyone, nice P2W days and have fun. Besides, never play Ranger unless you are real masochist like me who want to suffer yourself, plus with your 14 teammates, and BUY SAIPAN or KAGA or at least HIRYU for win the match. I know what you want to say to me "It is your fault that actually Ranger is a BEST CV EVER and blah blah blah" "Why are you blame to perfect and faultless match making and Ranger can Strafing and have 7 fighters and of course strong Torpedo bomber and moreover et cetera, et cetera" "Pay to Win, don't be such an anime fan crying on prom night. Just Shxt up and pay your money." "Have a division with your *cough* Friends - ATLANTA SIMS/// oh sorry I didn't know you have no friend" Okay okay guys. Well I know. I know that nothing will change, and my karma all gone, and keep losing keep losing keep losing feel pain for playing, delete WOWS and leave. There is such a saying "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." But come on, Isn't it to harsh that no one can stop Match Fixing Division? You might ask "How could just 3 can make the game win?" Yes, Yes they can. If you want to know, just play division with CV and 2 AA ships. They can make a line, or break a line, cap and do anything. Anyhow, in conclusion, I want to discuss "how to ban match fixing division for more fair game matching" Well, If you said there is no problem with division, then well, okay. Feel free for it. I suggest 3 plans 1. Ban CV in division. 2. Set a "AA limit" in a division so there would be no Saipantlansims Division 3. Match CV division to CV division. Both trying to Match Fixing, Fair right? And... I want you guys about how do you feel about Tier 7 divisions, and CV matchmaking or about my plans. Thank you for reading grumbling about my misfortune, and have a nice day.
  4. LordTyphoon


    Saw this video the day it came out, but I was banned at the time for (allegedly) using profanities on this forum at the time, so haven't posted until now: If this gets released the way it is I'll never be playing CV again. EVER. Look at that Taiho just ragequit. Insert your thoughts below.
  5. Sure thing WG. I mean, i play Battlesheep mainly anyways
  6. played 1589 battles and have a tier 10 ship yamato, and I only got 10???? I was suppose to get 160 in total! WG, can't you even do anything properly? I already had enough with how little anniversary specials we get as compared to other servers, and now this? Geez, either the technician or the marketing director needs to be fired. edit: realised that the 10 flags were for a mission, the actual reward has not been sent out yet. Case closed
  7. can't people take a joke?? http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/17116-thins-not-to-do-in-wows-pretending-you-are-a-noob-in-a-tier-10-battle/ refer to this post i posted earlier today and guess what happened [content removed] Screenshot with login information removed. ~amade
  8. No explanation needed. This is a graphical glitch that occurs when you mix the smoke border mod from Aslain's modpack with the Japanese port mod.
  9. Straight to the point. I cannot select visa as a payment option when purchasing as a gifts. I can when purchasing it for myself, but not as a gift. why?
  10. Ermi_Doenitz

    Bismarck Also Premium

    Seriously Wargaming? How can you be so greedy? This is really what we needed, more money scheming nonsense, better make the whole german line P2W, right? What's the problem you might ask? Easily answered! Bismarck already has a wiki page on WG's official wikipedia. And guess what... it's a premium ship that will cost gold to buy! Of course it won't be 500 gold, going by what Tirpitz costs and by how much more legendary Bismarck is I'd say they'll sell it for quite a lot more than Tirpitz is costing right now... seriously... Wargaming is going downhill fast. I guess since they can't fix the issues WoWS currently has they just try to make a quick sale out of it. Get as much money as possible than bail out of the project like with WoWP, ggwp WG. Why not try to use some of that money to fix things like underpowered DDs and OP carriers? Bluelining still not fixed? Do something about the other hundreds of issues currently in-game? Nah, better make more $$$, because $$$ are worth more than the customer, right? Here's the link to the full wiki page, WG should be ashamed to pull off crap like this... seriously wtf... Link