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Found 1 result

  1. Aaditya_AJ

    IJN DDs And Their Uses..

    We all know that IJN DDs were soo OP that WG had to take some serious steps to prevent the huge impact they were having over the game... These DDs before the rework had an amazing torpedo hit ratio and HE damage was insane...Even USN and Russian DDs couldn't counter these DDs... Most of the Unicum players preferred these DDs because these were the most stand out...(Or that's what WG thought of) After the Rework...Even now Most of Unicum players prefer these DDs don't misunderstand me here... I mean Unicum players now prefer them on the enemy team... Now these DDs/players who play them just occupy a slot for enemy team to farm damage on... Lets leave about IJN DDs as of now... What a DD must do is recon, provide smoke, capture the base and defend it... which USN and Russian DDs are doing well enough DEDDs are slightly lacking behind because of the players still not getting hang of their play style... Where as IJN DDs or lets say it's players don't even try to capture base derp around spamming torps(widespread which hits a friendly and same DD players are gonna say y u got into my torpedo's way)... and when you ask them to cap they say no support(where he has half of the team behind him)... Some players don't carry smoke which i can understand but at the same time the don't exactly make use of their torpedoes... Some players even refuse to spot... Slowest reload time/traverse of guns, low HE alpha, unpredictable/unreliable torpedoes... or lets take only gunboat in the IJN DD line Akizuki.. WG said it can be used for AA purposes but it has to be separately spec it for AA... no DFAA fair enough... But why is Hood getting DFAA?? and Akizuki loses everything else for being a gun boat... For now IJN ships have no major uses in the game itself... they are just in the game for the opposite team to farm damage on... No hard feelings against anyone but IJN DDs are just bleh at this point...