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Found 3 results

  1. Metalzero1

    CV LINE USN 6.14

    welp WG you guys nerf the USN CV line again...1-1-2??? how am i suppose to do with that load out? while the IJN has what? a ton of fighters while the prem ships has what 2 fighters with the same nation or tier? i cant defend in both sides of the map i cant even do something here before the 6.14 it was good enough not bad but it was fine 2-0-2 is versatile enough to defend and attack other ships but now? 1-1-2..... the IJN will have a jolly high time to rush a strike group to yah or your allies while your fighters are fighting in the otherside of the map.....
  2. Loshirai14

    Japanese DD So Unreliable

    The IJN DDs can't deal consistent damage per game. I haven't tried other DD lines but based on my experience, IJN DD gameplay is so frustrating that it relies too much on "luck". Every time i launch a torpedo salvo, they always get evaded as if they can see my torpedo from 4km away. I always try to predict. The problem is that there's just too many factors that affect whether you hit or not. Torpedoes are already a very unreliable source of damage and the extremely long cooldown just makes it worse. They say that torpedoes are ruining the game. They just don't notice that torpedoes barely hit anything. Out of all the torpedoes launched by a DD, only 5-10% hits. I tried shooting with my guns, but the moment i do so, every single enemy ship shoots at me. I tried every possible way of playing them but i can't seem to do well.
  3. After looking at the statistics what i have been saying since CBT has finally been confirmed, Pensacola, New Orleans and Baltimore are all terribly under powered when compared to their Japanese counterparts. Average for all players: Myoko, Mogami, Ibuki Average for all players: Pensacola, New Orleans, Baltimore This is 100% because the Myoko, Mogami and Ibuki all have the same DPM as the American ships using their main batteries with the added bonus of torpedoes (And before anyone says something about those 3 american ships having small citadels go play them.) All it would take to fix this disparity is increase Pensacola DPM to 4.5 rounds per minute, New Orleans to 5 rounds per minute and Baltimore to 6 rounds per minute. It is either that or nerf the Japanese cruisers and i really do not want to see wargaming throw fun killing nerfs at them.... please.. buff the American ships instead. If Zao vs Des moines tells us anything they tell us that it is OP as all hell having the American ships fire so slowly considering how much more DPM Des moines can pump out with its guns yet Zao still beats her on average damage. ^ (FYI Des moines range was nerfed while Ibuki received a DPM buff from CBT to OBT which i think may be a big causing factor behind this, another topic for another thread already covering 3 ships here) Stats page if anyone is interested in seeing other ships stats. http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20150719/statistics.html TLDNR: Pensacola needs 4.5 rounds/min DPM, New Orleans needs 5 rounds/min DPM, Baltimore needs 6 rounds/min DPM to compete with the Japanese cruisers.