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Found 1 result

  1. Commander_Dusty

    New Benson Worth Upgrading?

    Hey Guys I know I've made a thread on this matter before, but that was back in CBT and when the Benson had different stats and modules. Now with the recent patch changes (and I got my Benson back hooray!) I've noticed there isn't much difference in upgrading the torpedos (just a damage increase and reload time increase) and with the threat of Russian DD's taking over the gunboat department, would I be better off simply not upgrading the Benson hull to the C type for a increase in health and AA for the tradeoff of 1 gun? (B type is equipped with the 28mm AA guns and has no upgrade to the hull itself) Also does the C hull having all enclosed turrets increase gun survivability? Edit - lol just had a game where I had two guns and 1 torpedo tube destroyed...the guns were both the enclosed ones at the front and rear lol Reason why I think the Benson is still relevant as a gunboat is due to the monster rof of 20 rounds per minute the new patch has put in