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Found 1 result

  1. AntifoulAwl

    First sub to sink a ship.

    The H L Hunley was launched in July 1863, for the Confederate States of America during their Civil War. She sank twice during sea trials, killing a total of 13 crew members, including her designer. She was successfully salvaged and put into active service. She attacked the Union ship Housatonic in Feb 1864, sinking again, once more killing all her own crew. Surely a bad ship to serve on. But this is the part I love about her~ She was powered by a ​hand cranked propeller! She had a crew of 8, seven of which provided the muscle to turn the prop and one man to steer her. She was 12 metres in length and 1.2 metres in height. Cramped conditions indeed. Interior light was provided by candles!! All water ballast pumps were hand operated. There was no air supply, only what the hull contained. Her weapon consisted of 41 kilos of black powder encased in a barbed tube, placed on the end of a 6.7 metre pole which protruded from her bow. The plan was to gain enough speed to ram the enemy ship, burying the 'torpedo' within the enemie's hull. Then a detonator was activated by a pull cord, hopefully wrecking enemy ship. Unbelievably, she sunk the Housatonic (1260 t), sending both the target ship and herself to the bottom. The Hunley was less than 20 feet away when the bomb exploded. Too close for comfort...It would have killed all her own crew. The Hunley's wreck was found in 1995. She was raised in the year 2000, spending 136 years submerged. Her crew were still at their posts albeit being skeletons. Hunley today. Don't forget, at the time this was cutting edge technology. I take my hat off to the brave sailors who maned her. It would have been terrifying.