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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, I got this game a few months ago and I've been mostly playing around co-op. Recently I decided to grow a spine and dipped my toes in random battles and started paying attention to the little details like commander skills. I chose to work on the US lines first and found myself enjoying the cruisers. As mentioned, commander skills, what would be the best skills for USN cruiser captains? I found these two posts (Post A, Post B) on r/worldofwarships over at reddit, it gave me a good idea but it seems outdated as it was dated last year and of course there has been many changes since then. I'm also planning on getting me some doubloons to re-distribute the skills points. Cheers and happy hunting?...err sailing/shipping/driving?, I came from the submarine scene (Silent Hunter series)
  2. Hello once again, Greeting to all in this Holiday season.........hope you all are enjoying a Merry Christmas. And over this weekend I bought my new tier 9 US CA Baltimore after 3 months of grinding my New Orleans. And after the grind I was like Baltimore.....piece of cake!!.....but after a few games I was basically forced to do some soul searching thanks to the following reasons: 1.This ship has a huge citadel!!..........A Yamato managed to wipe me out in 1 shell just minutes into the game. 2.THis ship eats CREDITS FOR BREAKFAST!!!!..............Too expensive to manage in a non-Premium Account. Now, after many more games and as you guessed they all went as defeats and draws........I have no choice but to come to the forum for desperate answers. So, to all the Beta,Apha, and Super testers, how do you play this ship???........Cuz I tried playing it like a New Orleans and it ended up in a disaster of a game! Anybody? Please? Any help is appreciated. And Once again Merry Christmas to all!
  3. swap1997

    US BB Tech Tree Error

    Hello guys My eagle eyed curiosity for detail caught my attention to probably a subtle but important mistake in the US BB line from tier 8 onwards. First of all was the Installed power in NC which was 100000hp to give 24.4 kts in stock config which is untrue as historically the NC had a stock configured steam turbine output of 115000hp and a rated speed of 27kts. Then through refits it was boosted to 121000hp and 28kts but however by the end of the WW2 as the engines wore down due to excessive use and the added weight of Radars, extra AAA, and many other minor refits meant that the speed eventually fell to 26.8kts. Secondly what was really apalling was that the stock Iowa with the same installed power as the Montana was slower. 26.6kts for the Iowa vs 28 kts for Montana was what really riled me up especially because Montana was beamier and heavier of the two and Iowa being slower was beyond logic, also the upgraded Iowa with their new 212000hp turbines could do 32.5-33kts and upto 35kts at light loads. So, I think Wargaming should in the coming patches rectify the errors made and get them the historically true Speed and Installed power figures. If anyone has the gall to doubt me then here are some references: 1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Carolina-class_battleship 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iowa-class_battleship 3. http://web.mst.edu/~rogersda/american&military_history/World's%20Fastest%20Battleships.pdf 4. http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-029.htm 5. "US Battleships : An Illustrated design history", by Norman Friedman 6. "US Battleships 1935-1992", by William.H.Garzke and Robert Dulin
  4. Hey guys, I have had the New-Orleans for about a month and after transitioning from the 'PEPSI COLA" i played it in the same way that i played the Pepsi but after so many games i just realized that the cruiser was a different breed than the Pepsi and could not be played the same way. Also even after winning a game and doing something abt 10-20k damage(P.S i use HE as American AP is a lottery shot and at best i am average shot.) I still end up losing credits and after so many games i have finally given up and come to ask all the Alpha and Beta testing veterans, How do you really play a New-Orleans class Cruiser profitably and second question is that whether the 2nd Gun Module mod is good enough to be researched and bought or should I simply skip over it and go on to the Baltimore . Also is the Baltimore to be played the same way as a New-Orleans?
  5. swap1997

    iowa armor scheme

    Hello guys, I hd discussed dis previously in d developers section in d suggestion page abt d error in iowa class battleships armor scheme where it says d armor ranges frm 1-287 mm whereas it shud hv been atleast 1-310 mm according to real time data frm two authors books (Garzke nd Dulin , Norman Friedman). Also d wikipedia has also d same info abt armor as 310mm max. So cn anyone help whethervits going to b rectified or it will stay as it is. Plz note dat i dint gt any adequate response so am reposting it.
  6. Before the CBT, I was hoping that somehow the Atlanta class cruisers would make it in to the game, and YES! They did make it! Am wondering tho, can her 5 inchers be used for their intended anti aircraft role or no? If not, still I bet destroyers are gonna have a hell of a time against these cruisers when they make it rain 5 inch shells to their direction.