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Found 4 results

  1. Pseudoscope

    Tashkent Torp Buff

    Hi, Could you please consider buffing the damage on the Tashkent's torpedos? With the torpedo damage reduction, damage saturation and all that the torps don't nearly hit hard enough for the situations where you get to use them. When you get to point blank range and land 9 on a Musashi from a 1km barrage, Musashi should die, instantly. Buffing them up to the Khabarovsk's damage would be nice. Tashkent cannot stealth torp, dd's see it from kms away, the main playstyle is gunboat, but when you get close it should destroy everything. I think landing all your torps, even 7 or 8 of them really on a bb broadside should net you a kill. I kinda get that the fast reload is supposed to make up for the reduced damage however the Tashkent really doesn't have the durability to survive close range encounters where torps come into the equation. With all the power-creep, radar, hydro and ships with multiple consumables the Tashkent doesn't really have all that much going for it and I feel that a %25 buff to it would not make it overly powerful, but just reward the player when making those epic high risk plays. Regards, Pseudo
  2. 陽炎の後期魚雷type93.mod2以降の魚雷を酸素魚雷として 航空スポットされないようにしたらどうでしょうか 低ティアは日駆の方が米駆よりも魚雷射程が長いので必要ありませんが 高ティアは現状米駆の方が射程、被発見距離ともに優秀と日駆の特徴が失われています また空母ありのマッチの場合隠蔽差の優位も失われるので 日駆を使うメリットが何一つなくなってしまいます 空母ありの分艦隊や空母ありのランク戦、チーム戦の場合日駆が選ばれることは殆どありません (白露は魚雷強化対象ではない) (秋月は対空が強いので消去法で選ばれることもあるがベンソンよりもかなり弱いので強化が必要) 艦の選択の多様性を保つためにも空母ありのマッチングでも日駆に役割を持たせることが必要なのではないでしょうか ゲームバランスを調整すると同時に酸素魚雷という個性をゲームに反映できると言うのも私がこの提案をした大きな理由でもあります 日本海軍が酸素魚雷を使い始めた時代とか詳しい知識はないですし 今の日本駆逐の魚雷性能のまま航空スポットされなくするのはゲームバランスを崩すかもしれません その場合航空スポットされなくなる代わりにほかの性能を少し落とすというような調整も必要かもしれません 賛否とともにこのあたりの意見もいただきたいです
  3. karrablaster123

    4 Torps for 1 DD?

    So I launched random torps at a Błyskawica in a smoke screen from a Mahan with stock torps(Avg dmg is slightly >11000) Why did I have to get 4 torp hits to kill the Blyskawica who has only slightly >15000 HP? No other ships was there at the time Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/Gbe2n Notice 4 torp hits for only 14k dmg
  4. Now as you can see Minekaze was the most successful IJN Destroyer. With her 10 km fast reload torp and decent guns So WG, As usual, Nerf her very badly not only on her torpedoes but her guns too Down to 7 km range (with her stock camo is 6.2 km) making this ship much much even worse than Isokaze (6.1 km camo, 10 km gun range, 7 km torp range) this ship should deserves something better than that!