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Found 4 results

  1. piaya

    Hybrids CVs

    Hybrid ships implementation Separate tree? Hull configurations? Premium? from reddit worldofwarthip thread Mogami CL CV Tone CL CV Ise BB CV Yamato BB CV (concept) edit: add HMS furious 1st CV hybrid configuration USN concept
  2. It was already released in the Chinese (mainland) server. Don't ask me why it is already out, the Chinese server sell anything (yeah they sell ALL the premium ships (Arkansas yubari iwaki , anything u can think of) Have 7 planes, but can only release one at a time. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Time for some basic review It's like your average Japanese cruiser, play style is similar to Myoko/Atago. I dont bother to post the stats cuz 1st of all its in chinese , 2nd u guys can use the extended tech tree mod to see that, besides I'm running on my 3G so I dont have much data. turning is kinda slow so is the time needed to reach top speed, turret transverse is okay, so basically for setups and captian skills just go what u use for Atago and Myoko. He doesn't feel as good as myoko, maybe its because of less turret? but shell dispersion is small, reload slightly faster than atago 15s, 15.3 km range HE 17% fire chance 3300 DMG, AP 4700 DMG, Also the turret firing angle is not bad at all despite been all situated at front. (actually i cant help but feel that its better than atago's) The catapult fighter is good. ( well u can only release one at a time not sure if WG will ever buff it more. AA is slightly better than atago. top speed 35.5 same as atago) each side 6 torps which is slightly inferior to other IJN cruisers, 10 km 62 knots, type 90 mod 1 Detection range 12.2 km citadel armour is 100-175mm so kinda good, can deflect 36.5cm guns on kongo and fuso ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall Not worth it for a Tier 7 premium CA, less turret than myoko and slightly better AA( but japanese AA is not good anyway, if u really want AA ship get atlanta). (The catapult fighter , unless reworked and can launch several ones at same time, is not anything good) Any questions feel free to ask me I will try to answer
  3. 虽然这船在游戏机制里注定是个逗比。。。但是俺一定要买啊。。信仰问题
  4. Captain_Jack_Aubrey

    IJN Tone

    With the soon-to-be added heavy cruiser Tone, a friend of mine was expecting to see the aviation line for Japanese, mainly the aviation cruisers. He was proposing something along the line of a squadron of 6 fighters(seaplanes). However, as we see with the tone, we get an increase in hangar capacity and plane servicing time. What other interesting alternative loadouts can these vessels while still being competitive? TL;DR: Alternative loadouts/module/consumable for aviation battleships/cruisers? Note : This post is not suggesting that WG will implement aircraft cruisers and battleships, rather, what would such ships, if implemented would be like? And how should they be implemented, if they were to be implemented.