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Found 2 results

  1. At the moment, only Tier 10 permanent camos enjoy a 20% credit bonus in addition of 50% repair fee discount for 5000 doubloons, while on the other hand, Tier 9 permanent camos only enjoy a 20% repair cost discount for 4000 doubloons. Both tier 9 & 10 permanent camos offer 2 combat bonus ( -3% detection, +4% dispersion) and 100% ship experience bonus. The required doubloons for tier 9 & 10 are comparable, yet they differ a lot for their in-game credit profitability. It would be nice if tier 9 permanent camos get more love, adding a 10-15% credit bonus with 30-40% repair cost reduction. Right now, tier 10 permanent camos are way too good compared with tier 9's. Are there any one share the love for tier 9 warships? Permanent Camo wiki: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage#Permanent_Camouflage
  2. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Stats are in Tashkent - Big Flop

    Well finally the Trashcan Tier 9 stats are in.... https://asia.warships.today/vehicle/3865982416/Tashkent But i found other interesting things in these stats. Tier 9 1# Number one used DD in Asia Kagero (2nd worst ship but still miles ahead of the Tashkent) 2# Highest survival rate Kagero ???? considering it is the 2nd worst winning ship you would think people would either try to fight to win or get sunk doing so? 3# Kill to Death Ratio Tashkent is more than half behind the Z-46 and abysmal 30% survival rate .... wow i didnt know they are that bad. 4# Why isn't more people playing Z-46? Well thats easy, not many people want to grind to this ship and have their W/R drop. 5# Torp hit ratio, the TashKent/Udaloi with just 3%, no doubt in my mind the torps on these ships are just for show. Wow super-testers, game dev guys what where you thinking with this ship?