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Found 1 result

  1. New_Horizontal

    T8 Premium ships

    Recently, WG announced about releasing T9 premium ship (USS Missouri) that need exact amount of free XP to get her. For me, this is interesting idea and I looked back at T8 premium ships (Atago, MK, Tirpitz etc.). Many people complain a lot about how newbie players who have no idea how the game works or how to be good at the game (or just play for fun that only let team down). Here is my idea, If only player with some experience (a.k.a. enough free XP) can get these ships. It would be good for both side (New players won't go ragequit because they have no idea how to play those ships and get murdered at first few minutes and experienced players won't be frustrated from those newbie being liability for team. However, it will hurt WG Economics so I never expected that to happen. I'll leave some of my though here Advantages - Prevent players with no clue how to play this game earn high tier ship easily - New players need to learn how game works to be able to play high tier ships - Improve overall high tier gameplay (even by small margins) Disadvantages - Hurting WG income (by earning free XP is free or need less doubloon to unlock free XP from other elite ships.) - Grind fest, people need to play a lot or be very good at game to earn enough convert-able free XP for one ship. - Getting one ship become extremely difficult for casual players with limited playtime How about your opinion for these ideas (My idea wasn't perfect and maybe some critical factors may lost from this thread) P.S: My English wasn't good so you can comment me about that P.S 2: Feel free to discuss =) P.s 3: First post ever since i was started this account in OBT enjoy =)