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Found 1 result

  1. Peanutflower

    The Kaiser

    |19/09/2016| |Ship Reviews| |The Kaiser| |By Peanuflower| So, the Kaiser, I like it but is does still have problems. Main Battery The Kaiser is the current tier four battleship in the German battleship line. It has 10 305mm guns that pack a somewhat decent punch but still lack the punishing power of the higher tiers, this means that broadside cruiser can get away with their error. The guns tend to get quite a few penetrating hits on enemy ships but especially against battleships they struggle to land citadel hits. The lack of citadel hits is however balanced out by the fact that the German engineers who designed this ship managed to use an upturned turtle to give it extra armour, this is more formally know as turtleback armour. While you don`t take citadel hits in the Kaiser very often you also don`t dish them out often. Now all that being said about the citadel hits from the main battery on the Kaiser you will still take large amounts of damage out of a cruiser`s health bar. I will briefly go over the high explosive shells by saying don`t use them, they are about as useful as the Italians were to the Germans during World War 2 (don`t worry I haven`t gotten to the French yet). The turret firing angles are a bit wierd and you have to give the enemy a full broadside to fire all of your main battery guns. Survivability The survivability of the Kaiser is very good. Like all of the other German battleships it has turtleback armour which was mentioned before whick makes it very difficult to citadel. You do have to turn your ship broadside on to actually get all of your guns pointed at the bastard who is shooting at you. Just treat this ship like it doesn`t have a fifth gun turret and you will be much happier for it. The ship is also good bow on as you can wriggle your rudder and effectivly get six guns pointed at the helpless ship infront of you. Just like Germany your job is to bully the new players/countries who expose themselves to you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and be a damage sponge for your allies to hide behind while the one attack they mount on the French fails horribly (looking at you Italy). Agility This ship is about as flexible as the Maginot Line was. Its rudder was welded to the hull so it wouldn`t get Bismark`d and start to make a big salty doughnut in the ocean while getting smacked around by the Royal Navy and a bunch of biplanes. Anti Aircraft It might stop one aircraft but just like the Bismarck even the shittest plane will get through and do damage through the horrific torpedo belt that all of the German battleships have. You would think that the germans would actually learn some lessons from the Bismarck but no they all have shite torpedo protection. Stones can break through the ships torpedo protection and cause flooding. Secondary Battery The secondary battery is quite good on the kaiser like all of the rest of the German battleships but due to it`s relativley short range if a destroyer gets in range you`re probably going to be starting a forum thread winging and crying about destroyers being overpowered and needing a nerf even though if you turn every now and then you won`t take a torpedo hit unless it is a carrier manual drop which you can`t evade if the carrier capitain isn`t a total donkey which is a distinct possibility at the low tiers (please don`t look at my carrier stats or my stats in general, I`m good I swear). Concealment It`s a battleship, if you fire your guns you will be detected battleships are about as stealthy as an East German night club. Conclusion I`m going to hope that I have covered all of the points so I don`t embarass myself and conclude this review. I liked the Kaiser, it`s an okay ship and I think the only reason I even liked it in the first place was because of my extreme hype for the German battleships whick I`ve had to put on hold whilst I am on holidays. If you don`t enjoy this ship at least the grind is small to get to the lovely Konig at tier 5. The Kaiser let`s you bully the new players and the french into submission while they charge across an open field and into heavy machine gun fire while the french generals (aristocrats) wonder why the hell it isn`t working.