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Found 4 results

  1. Arihant_Sniper

    CV Test Server Bug

    I was playing on the TST Server, trying out the cv rework. I loaded up some flags and camo on the Midway ship. When I entered battle my client immediately crashed. This was the first time that it happened. When i tried loading up the client a second time it crashed after trying to load me into the match again. Error image is enclosed below
  2. Dear Developers, Problem identified: Service cost of T-VI Ryujo is 5 million credits. Is it true or merely a bug? Recommendation: Investigation and explanation. Detail Information Battle: Random Battle Outcome: Victory Survive battle: Yes Additional Info: I spent so many torpedo bombers to find out how many is the ship stock and to learn on how to drop torpedo effectively.
  3. Jonathan_Smith

    Public test server inaccessible :(

    I wanted to play CVs (because pathetically I haven't reached either line in the live server) but today (all day long) I failed to connect to the test server which is rather sad. I couldn't find any notices that said there was maintenance or anything and I don't think it's been closed yet. It should be live, but I just can't connect every time.
  4. Dear Test Server, Yesterday, as soon as I found out about your upcoming test party, I registered my invitation. I ran my computer all night in order to download you. As you know, you are only hanging around for 48 hours so I didn't want to waste any time boogying down. I logged on with great anticipation this morning to see how I would plan this evenings festivities in your honour. To my great disappointment I found myself in port with two tier 1 ships, a level 1 account, 2,500 doubloons and $1M credits. Needless to say, I made a bald spot scratching my head. I then realised, maybe I did something wrong in registering (I didn't) or this is games within a game. Could you please explain the party rules as to how I'm supposed to test the features of: Rank battles One click CV commands Match Maker Improvements (yay!!!! we are all tier 1. MM is now fixed) Ship buffs / nerfs for anything you can't grind in 48hours Pin the buff/nerf on the non-existant pre-order ships is an epic game. (WoWS snipe hunt) Blue Line abuse. (can tier 1's even make it to the blue line before time expires? Just kidding) I guess I'm missing something here. Hopefully Neptune himself will rise up, waive his magic trident and all will be good for when I get home tonight. Party on dudes