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Found 3 results

  1. I'm wondering how do I delete my PT account. There's a support article that teaches you how to request for an account deletion or something, but I can't do it with my PT account because it directs me to the RU support. And I think that a PT account is different from an RU account. An advanced thanks for any answer. Cheers.
  2. Dear Developer, Would there be any plan in near future the possibility for implementing new Internet Protocol (or IP) addressing to version 6 or better known as IPv6 . It would be a great addition since there's a lot of improvement especially on IPv6 due to More Efficient Routing More Efficient Packet Processing Directed Data Flows Simplified Network Configuration Support for New Services Security I can elaborate more each of the points on why it should be implemented. Major ISP's in the world already implemented this features and apparently looking at here the address is already there and recently registered. I do hope IPv6 would be implemented as soon as possible since this technology would really help us the player and improve their gaming experience overall. Looking forward to your response and comments . Thank you for the awesome job. Best regards.
  3. Okay, so for some reason after the 0.5.10 update I can't see any ARP ships. For example, I know my friend is using ARP Haruna but in game it only shows as Kongou. For me, in-game it looks like the normal Kongou but for my friend he said it was glowing. I tried to do a Game Check but it just downloads something like a 1.5mb update then game checks again then it downloads another update which is 5.5mb. Now after that I tried playing but they are still the same Kongou, not the ARP ships. I tried to do a game check again, and there again it happens, 1.5mb download, Game Check, 5.5mb download, Finish, Start game, Still no ARP skins. I tried to game check, update, check, update, and after it finishes updating with the Play button clickable I went and Game checked it again this time it just repeats itself with downloading the 1.5mb and the 5.5mb updates :v Halp pls iz annoying not able to distinguish ARP ships from normal ships