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Found 7 results

  1. Grygus_Triss

    5 Tips to Help Support Your Team

    You don't need to be an unicum team carrier to win a game. You don't even need to do massive damage and sink lots of ships. when everyone does their little bit to help, it can add up to a victory. So here's 5 simple tips. Feel free to add your own. 1. Spotting Matters I cannot stress this enough. If you can see your enemies, you can shoot them. But also, knowing where potential threats are can help you avoid them. The best ships at spotting are DDs and CVs, but if those guys aren't around, CL's with good concealment (and maybe smokescreens) can sub in. Sometime, if an enemy is under fire from allies, and you are the only one spotting them, its a good idea to hold fire, keep them spotted, rather than trying to take cover and fire, or smoke up and fire. 2. Focus Fire Ships Ships that get focus fired die faster, and that means less guns pointed at you and friends. Help the team out, send a salvo or two at that guy they asked you to shoot at. 3. Harass Enemies Even if you have a low chance to hit a rapidly manoeuvring enemy, or otherwise have a low chance to do any real damage, try anyway, what little damage you do may make the difference, and if you don't hit, you're keeping him on his toes, unable to properly fight back (of course, if there's a bigger threat, or tother important targets, don't let him distract you). 4. Stay alive This is a surprisingly advanced skill. Yes, most times it just happens and you can't do much about it. And I'm not talking about protecting you paint near the back either. These are those times when you're on low HP, and a stiff breeze could knock you over, you probably can't take another good hit. If you have managed to escape detecting and are not in immediate danger of destruction, don't just charge back into battle for a last stand. Take a look at you situation. Remember, dying will cost your team points, how close are you to winning? Maybe running and hiding would be the best option. Or some skilled camping and stealth firing. How good is your concealment? Who is the most stealthiest ship left in the game? Basically, don't throw your life away for no reason. 5. Support Others Another more difficult one to master, but It boils down to staying together and giving the enemies more than just one ship to fire at. Attack as a group, not only does this mean that you can focus fire, but enemies will have to divide their fire. There are lots of other tips I could give, but I wanted to focus on one which specifically assist the team, not just basic player skills. Was originally going to post in general, but probably makes more sense here.
  2. CorzzaaMatee

    Players Wanted

    Just Looking for some people to play with regularly . i'm happy to join you and join a discord if need be. I have a Tier VI Battleship New Mexico I have a Tier VI Molotov Cruiser I have a Tier IV Isokaze Destroyer I have a Tier V Bogue Aircraft Carrier. i have more lower tier ships that i can use to. just want some friendly people to play with My Gamertag is CorzzaaMatee
  3. Commander_GALEN

    Balanced DD in Domination mode?

    Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! Question: can WG balanced the number of DD in domination mode?why? because it is so unfair... I'll always team up with 1 dd and the other team have 2 dd, of course we are in disadvantage when capturing.... and we lost because of the points! In Bastion mode, it is also unfair the more dd in your team, the faster you can capture(?) and fortresses will assist your team and spot the enemy (including DD) my wish is that make the number of dd balanced in every team (for Domination and *Bastion mode) Team 1 = Team 2 2 dd(same tier) = 2 dd(same tier) balanced Team 1 = Team 2 1 dd(high tier) = 2 dd(high tier + low tier) unbalanced
  4. i was wondering if some people would like to squad up and play together honestly it does not matter if you are Australian just if you can speak English my highest rated ship is tier 4im rank 12 all most 13 add me if you are interested thanks name: C4OnYoorDoor #1
  5. Junchan

    Report team

    i can reported Plays Poorly is ok as case ??
  6. So now that we are able to compete in team battles (which is leading to clan wars battles most likely) players are going to need to move and advance as a group more than ever. Now in team battles you see cruisers playing a more of a AA support roll, carriers might want to move along with the team, and battleships will more than likely move in a tight group, but what happens when a team has a slower member like a Colorado on the team. The Colorado can only go 20 knots and if the team also has a Nagato in it which can only go rather full speed witch is to fast or go 3/4 speed which slows him down below the Colorado's top speed which causes the Nagato to flick the speed up and down the entire match (this applies to all the different types of ships since most have different top speeds). So what can be done to help unify the speed of the teams ships? -Well WG could allow us to have more precise speed control that enables us to pick each knot that is available to engage from the ship that is being used. -Another possible control is giving a % of power being used, this way a player can run his Colorado at 100% while the teammate Nagato can travel the same speed while running at 85% power (not an accurate %, just used it as an example). -Also WG could (if possible) set up a function where if you want to travel the same speed as a slower teammate you can select this teammate and choose to travel the same speed as him and the same selection function will allow the slower ship to request the teammate to travel at his speed. Now this isn't a needed function to play the game, all this will do is allow teams to execute plans/engagements more precisely. Just an idea, comment if you like the idea, if you have a better solution, or if you think that this would be a wasted/useless function.
  7. Nishizumi_AnkoSP

    Who carry who in a battle?

    Ahoy Fellow Naval Commanders, Sometime I was thinking are we the one who carry the team for the entire battle or they carry for us, well what you all think hmmmm? Regards. Nimitz