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Found 5 results

  1. I have had a post half a year ago with identical idea. You can find it here: I'm posting again because apparently that didn't gain traction and I think the problem is so blatantly obvious. Alright. I was on PTS server yesterday playing Hindenburg. I passed by a GK while shooting and caught him with 2 HE shells. Completely unintentional. That did little damage by itself. But it also caused a fire on him that kept burning for 1 whole minute. Of course since it's a GK the fire damage is massive and he lost 15K health to that single fire. During that time, I turned from full health, to pink in 10 seconds, and died due to team damage in 20 more seconds. After battle, I caused 65K team damage in total, 15K to GK with fire, and 50K to myself due to team kill penalty. And for that the game awarded me a 19-games pink status. To summarize, my game got completely ruined, my team lost a ship for nothing, and I got a 19-games pink status penalty for 2 HE hits on a friendly, UNINTENTIONALLY. I am trying very hard to suppress my anger and I hope you can understand my frustration and see the problem here. Now, I don't blame that GK at all since holding DC on 1 fire is completely understandable. And ultimately my team did win that game plus it was only PTS. But the same situation could happen and has happened on live server, and I don't think I need to further explain why this is an issue that needs to be fixed. So, my suggestions are as following: Make everything percentage based! 10K damage to a friendly destroyer should not be punished equally as 10K damage to a friendly battleship! It should take a fixed percentage of health done by team damage before pink status is imposed, not by an absolute value. Also when I'm already pink, if I cause 1K damage to a friendly destroyer, I should not take 10K myself, rather the percentage 1K is to that destroyer, times 10, then applied to myself health. Stop making HE set fire on friendly ships! Accidents do happen quite often, and having HE set fire to friendly ships is no different than forcing me to cause damage to my team and punishing me for that. And as a final note please give a thumbs up if you have had the same thing happen to you before. It's important because clearly, WG doesn't pay close attention to this forum board to begin with.
  2. I think there really should be a compensation part where you actually pay fines for causing damage but you don't actually receive fines because a team mate/ griefer actually sank you in the game causing you in-ability to actually deal damage make money/exp
  3. I think instead of the current 'reduce team torp damage by 50% why don't you just make it so if you fire a shell or torps at an allied warship the damage gets put on your self instead? That way everyone will be more careful with their torps
  4. So this guy decides at spawn to launch 4 torps then test his galleons ramming skills.
  5. vardald

    A few suggestions

    Hi all, This is my first time posting, but as this is the beta test I have a few ideas that I thought I'd see what people thought of. One of the big problems that I've seen is torpedo spam, even when there's nothing spotted or in torpedo range. This is really annoying when your own teammates launch torpedos with no regard for the rest of their team. One idea I had was to put a limit on the number of torpedos carried. This at least might make people think twice before launching torpedos at nothing as they could then run out when they need them. This would of course need to be tested for balance, and each ship would probably carry a different amount. On a different topic, another idea that I had was to implement an aiming line, similar to the artillery trajectory line in WOT, to the main guns of ships. this would make it easier to tell if your shots were going to hit an island, or even another teammate, as currently it can sometimes be tricky to tell if all of your turrets have a clear shot, particularly on larger ships. The line could possibly be colour-coded - for example, green means that the shell definitely won't hit anything, yellow means that there is a possibility depending upon dispersion and red means the shot is blocked. Thanks for taking the time to read this - it seemed shorter in my head. Let me know what you think of these ideas, and maybe any changes you would make to them.