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Found 3 results

  1. rookie_captain


    新しいオペレーションの提案です。「こんなのあったらいいなぁ」と思って書いただけなのであしからず。 まず参加できる艦は日本、ドイツ、イタリアのT8で 副砲や魚雷を使う事が多いようなオペレーション 考えているストーリは 輸送船を指定のエリアまで届け、積み荷を降ろしている間敵から守り、敵を何隻かげきはし撃破し、スタート地点まで輸送船を守りつつ戻る(実装されるとしたら なかなか長いOPになるかもです) タスクは メインタスク 輸送船を指定の場所まで送り届けろ サブタスク 敵艦を4隻撃破する       輸送船を一隻も撃破されるな       陸上施設を2以上破壊されるな(陸上施設とは輸送船が積み荷を降ろしているとこにある保管庫と要塞) という風に考えております
  2. S4pp3R


    OK, so I just want to say something up front, I effing love the Atago... Best premium anything I ever bought in WoT/WoWS... It isn't cause she does well with the credits... It's because I never feel like vsing one or playing one is 'OP' or a waste. She is simply bang for buck and fun to play. So just wanted to say to WG - thankyou for the Atago, she has been a close friend since I picked her up just after release. In other news, I had taken a 6-ish month hiatus due to work and Overwatch, yes I'm back for at least a bit. WTF has happened to pen/armour... Basically you can get cita'd etc from really silly angles now. Not to mention the HE pens, my gawd... Previous system wasn't really broken, it felt like there was a few silly pens and some that should but didn't work but IMO it was 150% better than the way things are now. My guess is there was some sort of patch to do with armour/round mechanics and they've overdone it a fair bit. Hopefully the current state of play isn't what they intended with whatever changes happened...
  3. I'm in a confusion... Like most of you know.... I've been grinding lot of ships at the same time and it kinda payed off... Now I unlocked New Orleans, Edinburgh and Izumo... If I leave Izumo... I can buy New Orleans and Edinburgh at the same time... Thing Is I want to get Yamato as quick as possible but Izumo's concealment bothers me most then IJN BB's Stock hulls have slower AP shell which IMO doesn't get you citadel penetrations and no AA at all because IJN... with the mods I can get me concealment mod but I don't know how much it lessens it's concealment(It'd be helpful if stats are provided)... New Orleans this is the ship I'm looking forward to and I want to get it because I liked grinding pensacola has been a good ship for me... How much AA does it get when fully upgraded and how are the shells are they same as Pensacola's...? Edinburgh looks different from other RN CLs looks huge with lot of citadel area... Feels hard enough by looking at it... So If I can get any info on them would be helpful.... I don't have PTS files were corrupted .. So I cannot test them out on PTS... Thanks in advanced....