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Found 6 results

  1. CaptainZade_


    Alright I got the Henri IV now, what to do? I can't take it into Random Battles because service costs and I don't wanna do Training Battles either because no.
  2. Anyone seen 2x2 T10 CVs in a match recently? I just got a report from a clannie this morning saying he saw it last night... Sadly he didn't screen grab it but I'm trying to get a hold of his replay to verify.
  3. Xplod2064

    Conqueror secondary build

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone has done a secondary build for the Conqueror and if it is even worth it? Also what builds are you guys running with for the commander/modules etc?
  4. silenthunter19944

    Montana is simply fantastic

    What more can I say. The Montana is such a fantastic BB. 12 hard hitting and accurate guns. Best AA suit in the game. Armour scheme is quite good as well. Good concealment. Overall, an amazing BB. I think that this ship is the perfect reward for grinding through the entire USN BB line which can be summarized as 'ugly duckling'. Attached is the battle result screen after my very first battle in the ship. Completely stock, untrained captain and no upgrades at all. If you are hesistant about getting this ship, don't be, it shit on absolutely everything, BBs, DDs, CAs, CVs, doesn't matter what it is, the Montana shits on it. Not even the Yamato is that scary, if you see a bow on Yamato, feel free to load skillful HE rounds and start BBQing the Yamato
  5. T10 BB's are so broken in terms of Armour and damage against T9s, I play a Iowa and that thing gets absolutely wrecked from the T10 BB's. And when you fire back with 100% accuracy it either does no damage or ricochets off the target, the T10 German battleship is such a joke it feels like the Iowa's rounds are like little rocks hitting a whale. This game was very fun until T9 now it is an agitating and aggravating task to even play against T10s now. That is not the worst part, the worst is when it is 4 T10 BB's on each team firing around wrecking everyone. I reckon if you are gonna have T10 be such a massive jump up from T9 you should limit only 1 maybe 2 of those BB's in a lower match because <content removed> me that is so unfair and not fun. Profanity. Post Edited. User Warned ~ADM_dude
  6. The Des Moines also has the lowest range out of all T10 heavy cruisers, and its shell tracery has always made it better in close quarters. But getting up close gives you even less time to avoid incoming fire, and completely avoiding battleship shells is practically the only possible way for a Des Moines to neglect damage, while other heavy cruisers can angle and bounce instead. Look at the armor screenshots I have attached below, the Des Moines has the worse overall armor amongst all heavy cruisers (Minotaur is not included, but it has great concealment, a smoke screen and very powerful Repair Party Consumable and it is a light cruiser) The Zao has an extra layer protecting the citadel (although 25mm), also forming a slight turtleback, just like the Hindenburg. Their citadels are lower in the water and not as wide as the Des Moines Please, World Of Warships development team, consider giving Des Moines better armor Thanks for reading, good luck on the high seas